Buy Shakeology CheapSo you are wondering where to buy Shakeology cheap? This guide will show you how to reduce the steep Shakeology price and provide you with some easy ways to get a Shakeology discount.

You probably already know that Shakeology is easily one of the best nutritional meal-replacement green drinks on the market. At almost 40 grams a serving and complete with superfoods, antioxidants, protein, enzymes, probiotics and more, each serving of this shake is a highly-nutritious, nutrient-dense meal.

You are reading this because you are probably struggling with the Shakeology price. Without a discount, you will pay around $130 for a 30-day supply. That’s over $4 per serving… and if you think about it, a complete, highly nutritious meal for $4 is actually a pretty good value. But we’ll show you how to get this cost down.

3 Ways To Buy Shakeoloy Cheap

The following are three ways to get Shakelogy cheaper. The old adage is true, “You Get What You Pay For”, and for a quality product like this, you pay for what you get… but you can save some money if you have the information.

Get a Shakeology Discount by Signing up for Autoship

If you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can sign up for the Shakeology autoship program. This is not a contractual obligation. You can cancel it whenever you want. Heck, you can cancel the autoship after you take delivery on your first order and still not pay the shipping.

Shipping costs generally run close to $10, so though this method is not a tremendous discount on Shakeology, $10 is still $10.

Order Shakeology and Sign-Up for the Auto-Ship

Want to Get Shakeology Cheap? It Pays to Be A Member

The Team Beachbody Club is a membership subscription that allows you to save 10% on everything you order from Beachbody… including Shakeology.

Remember, Beachbody makes Shakeology, the behemoth company behind P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift and more. By becoming a Team Beachbody member you not only save 10% on all your Shakeology orders, but you also get the following additional benefits:

  • You can stream video workouts such as P90X, Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift for free
  • You have access to their huge media library where you can stream all their new workouts
  • Access to personalized meal plans, nutrition information and tips and healthy recipes
  • Access to your own online coach who you can ask questions, get advice and support to achieve your goals
  • You also join a huge community where you can post questions and comments and share your story on the Team Beachbody message boards

AND DON’T FORGET YOU SAVE 10% on all your Shakeology orders!

So how do you become a club member? It’s actually quite easy. You sign up for a 30-day trial and then you are billed $38.87 quarterly. This breaks down to about $2.99 per week.

Is it worth it? That depends on how often you use Shakeology and if you feel there is real value in all the other benefits.

Become a Member of Team Beachbody

Become a BeachBody Coach and Save 25% on Shakeology

The best way to buy Shakeology cheap is to become a Team Beachbody coach. Now this is not for everyone. This option is for those that use the product every month. It is also for those that refer other people to use it.

You don’t have to be a fitness expert to become a coach. You don’t have to try and pitch your friends and family members to become a coach under you. Some coaches make a full-time income doing this. If that’s something you want, go for it.

But the key is you save money.

How do you become a coach? Becoming a coach is a one-time $39.95 charge and $15.95 per month. So let’s do the math and see if the 25% Shakeology discount from becoming a coach is worth it…

Let’s assume that you use Shakeology every day and you purchase a 1-month supply every month for one year. You decide to become a coach because you want to save some money. Your total average monthly cost for Shakeology, including the one-time sign up and monthly coaching fee, is approximately $116 per month. If you weren’t a coach you’d be paying over $130 per month.

Also, keep in mind that your monthly cost would go down because you only pay the $39.95 sign up fee once.

Become a Team Beachbody Coach

Become an Active BeachBody Coach and Save the Most 

Some coaches take it seriously. By signing up as a coach, Team Beachbody will give you your own marketing website, your own online back office and unlimited marketing tools and support.

The thing that makes this so popular is that unlike most of these types of businesses, as a Beachbody Coach you don’t have to buy and resell products. You simply lead people to your own website that the Beachbody provides you.

When someone buys Shakeology or any other product from your Team Beachbody website, you earn 25% of the total sale. (And remember, you are also saving 25% on your own purchases.)

So using that one-year-monthly-cost example above, if in the course of the year, let’s say a meager six Shakeology units are sold from your website.  Your monthly cost for using the shake would drop to under $100 per month (or a savings of over $30 per month.)

This article is about where to buy Shakeology cheap not how to start a Shakeology business, but there are coaches who make a very good living from doing this. There are even coaches who are earning over a million dollars per year doing this.

But the bottom line is there are ways to get Shakeology discounts. Just choose the one that is the best fit for you.[hr]

Order Shakeology

Become a Team Beachbody Member

Become a Team Beachbody Coach