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Updated May, 2019

There is little debate of how healthy it is to drink green superfood drinks. Unless you are an alien being or a robot, green superfood drinks are one of the premier, non-prescription, ways to infuse your body with healthy vitamins and minerals, as well as prompt weight loss.

But are all green drinks created equal? The answer, of course, is absolutely not (yeah, this site wouldn’t be around if all things were equal in the green superfood drink realm). This is a space that’s full of manufacturer diversity involving ingredients, cost, and even customer service. Here are the top 5 best green drinks of 2019. Please leave us any feedbacks with your opinions, unless your opinion is that you don’t like us, then just don’t say anything at all! (we joke!)

#1. Total Living Drink Greens 

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total living drink greens reviewI’m going to cut right to the heart of this list, Total Living Drink Greens is without question, my top choice for a superfood green drink. It is competitive in every single facet you could possibly review a green drink over and you rarely see reviews stating anything contrary to such positive sentiments. This isn’t to say that all the drinks below Total Living Drink Greens are terribly inferior, that’s definitely not the case, however, Total Living Drink Greens most definitely edges out the competition in nearly every feature and phase.

Total Living Drink Greens is a robust, wonderfully tasting, superfood green drink that’s ripe with nutritional infusion. It offers 7 powerful servings of vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals combined. Total Living Drink Greens is a capable body cleanser that can help to detoxify the body of dangerous chemical impurities.

It has an array of impressive amino acids that help to build muscles and amp up your immune system. It utilizes probiotics which contribute to healthy gut bacteria which in turn, helps to improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. The powerful formula’s antioxidants are incredible warriors in the fight against inflammation and cancer.

Total Living Drink Greens vitamin and mineral content surpass any recommended daily serving values you can find. Total Living Drink Greens is a protein machine, as well, which contributes to athletes looking for recovery.

A single serving typically offers well over 100% of the daily, recommended value for many vitamins and minerals. The drink has a high protein level as well, making it suitable for those who use it as a meal replacement to shed pounds and also build muscle.

Total Living Drink Greens is the ultimate meal replacement superfood green drink. It tastes amazing due to the addition of natural blueberry flavoring and it has a reputation as being a leader in the green drink field. This is a top-level and unrivaled green drink.

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Official Website: Rating: 9.7

#2. Athletic Greens  

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Athletic Greens ReviewIf it wasn’t for Total Living Drink Greens being a perfect meal replacement drink, Athletic Greens could overtake it for the top spot. If you don’t care about using a green drink for fast weight loss via green drink cleanses, Athletic Greens might be the perfect solution for your needs.

Athletic Greens is built to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with energy while also infusing the body with much-needed nutrients and vitamins. This stuff is built well and has a reputation as one of the top green drinks of all time. One of the unique and cool ingredients attributes with Athletic Greens is their use of beets and papayas. Both offer a ton of redeeming health benefits and both aren’t utilized nearly enough in our modern western diets.

If you aren’t in need of meal replacement, Athletic Greens is a contender for the top option for your needs. If you do need meal replacement, scroll back up a few inches on your monitor and check out Total Living Drink Greens again. Like I said, these reviews are subjective and not every person needs exactly the same things as everyone else.

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Official Website: Rating: 9.5


#3. Organifi Green Juice  

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organifi reviewYou won’t see very many bad Organifi Green Juice reviews unless you are perusing review sites that have no idea what they are writing about. In which case, welcome home, my friends, because we certainly DO know what we are talking about.

Organifi is one of the premier green drink experiences. You’ve likely seen their advertisements all over the Internet (and will a lot more now because all the powers that be seem to spy on us!). Their years of mega-success in the green drink vertical has allowed them to roll with a huge advertising budget. As well, they have a load of faithful customers who tend to recommend them.

Organifi not only wins in the global brand department, but they also stand up pretty darn well with their formula’s powerful ingredient stacks. Their inclusion of Matcha Green Tea helps to back up claims that their green drink can also help speed up the body’s metabolic energy. Additionally, they utilize some ingredients, namely Moringa, which are linked to Southeast Asian holistic medicine.

But the Organifi Green Juice ingredient oddity does not end there, they also use horseradish root. Did you know that horseradishes are one of the densest sources of vitamin C on earth? You probably didn’t, especially if you’ve been reading terrible green drink review sites written by people who don’t know these things. Again, welcome, it is nice to have you.

Organifi is also a unique experience in taste. Their formula is best described as a mint-infused, which sort of “pops on the tongue.” Some people get a little hesitant when they hear Organifi’s taste described in such fashion, however, you rarely see poor reviews over the taste of their drink. They do it right by adding in some coconut water as a base for the taste, which keep that minty flavor in check.

Organifi Green Juice is one the best superfood drinks available online. Their drink is loaded with nutritional density, it tastes amazing, and it boasts several unique ingredients you just can’t find in the top formulas, including the almighty Total Living Drink Greens.

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Official Website: Rating: 9.4

#4. Fermented Green SupremeFood 

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Fermented Green Supremefood ReviewDid you know that gut health is the driving factor behind brain health? Yes, numerous studies suggest that poor gut health is the driver behind mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. So it should come as no surprise at all that fermented foods that infuse us with probiotics and prebiotics, are considered superfoods.

Enter in Fermented Green Supreme Food, the hands-down best fermented green drink on the market. This allergy-free experience that’d devoid of dairy, GMOs, gluten, and soy, is rich in fermented greens that offer up phytonutrients and gut healthy bacteria to your body.

A lack of meal replacement proteins and heavy focus only on fermented foods means that I can’t rank it as the number one green drink option, however, make no mistake about it, Fermented Green Supreme Food is the real deal. If you can afford it, it would be a great second option to Total Living Drink Greens.

Fermented Green Supreme Food:
Try Fermented Greens – Read the Review

Official Website: Rating: 9.3

#5. Shakeology Greenberry

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Shakeology is a green superfood drink with very large shoulders. It is a pure meal-replacement containing around 40 grams per serving and pretty much everything you can think of.

Shakeology is made by BeachBody, so, let’s just say they have a lot of resources and they used them wisely in formulating this product.

It is loaded with superfood veggies and fruits, and many others in the form of seeds, herbs and fiber. It also contains a whopping 16 grams of protein per serving.

It’s a serious product and carries a serious price tag. Much like the Total Living Drink Greens, Shakeology is a true meal replacement, but it also costs a whopping $30 more for a 30-day supply. If you join their marketing group as a distributor you can save money but you are obligated to buy it each and every month.

Overall, this product is a superb superfood meal-replacement and though is among the most expensive we have seen, it’s worth it for hundreds of thousands of happy consumers.

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Try Shakeology Read the Review Rating: 9.3


Whether its the air we breath, the food we eat on the go, or our general existence in a sedentary world; our health could truly use an expedited boost. By choosing the correct superfood green drink for our needs, we stand to reduce unhealthy fat and fight off the growing problem of inflammation, poor heart health, and cancer.

Choosing the right green drink option, whether your priority is taste or gut health or meal replacement, is the start of a life change that will amount to a more energetic and slimmer version of yourself. A green superfood drink won’t make the journey easy by any means, however, it will give you a modern and unrivaled advantage throughout the battle.

A good talk with our doctor, a brisk walk each day, and a solid green superfood drink can lead to some amazing physical and mental changes. I do hope that the top 5 best superfood green drinks of 2019 list has offered up enough insight to help you figure out which green drink formula is right for you. Be the change and your body and mind will certainly follow.