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Green superfood drink powders offer an array of health benefits. They are heart healthy, ideal for weight loss, offer an energy boost that far surpasses the superficial energy provided by caffeine, and can help prevent certain types of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Even so, each green drink is different and some may be better for you personally than others. The following overview of the top 3 green drinks 2019 can help you get a good idea of what each beverage has to offer and what you can expect should you purchase any one of these unique products.

#1. Total Living Drink Greens

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totalliving-productThere are several reasons why Total Living Drink Greens is in our opinion the best green, superfood drink on the market. It is made using a combination of juice extracts from fourteen different superfoods and there are fifteen grams of these superfoods included in a single serving.

While there are plenty of green drinks on the market, it is simply impossible to come up with one that meets this high level of nutritional value. Given this fact, it is not surprising that a serving of Total Living Drink Greens is the equivalent of seven servings of fruit and vegetables.

Additionally, herbs are added to the above ingredients for cleansing and to give the body energy. The robust formula also includes probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants, truly making it an all-in-one-formula.

The company boasts that the Total Living Drink Greens  provides the baseline of nutrition your body needs is, in fact, a genuine claim. If you are looking for a supplement that offers copious portions of just about every vitamin, mineral and nutrient you need to stay fit and healthy, then Total Living Drink Greens is the drink of choice.

A single serving typically offers well over 100% of the daily, recommended value for many vitamins and minerals. The drink has a high protein level as well, making it suitable for those who use it as a meal replacement to shed pounds and also build muscle.

Total Living Drink Greens can be used as a meal substitute if desired, although it does not necessarily have to take the place of a meal. Blueberry is added for flavoring and while the drink may not suit the tastes of someone who is trying out a green drink for the first time, those who regularly drink green drinks will find that Total Living Drink Greens is quite tasty.

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SuperFoodDrinks.org Rating: 9.7

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#2. Athletic Greens

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ag-productAs the name implies, Athletic Greens is intended to be a high energy green drink that is ideal for those who work out on a regular basis or who simply need an energy boost to get through the day. Athletic Greens includes over two-dozen superfoods, including papaya, beets and broccoli.

It also includes enzymes and probiotics that offer their own health benefits and help the body absorb the nutrients provided by the herbs, fruits, vegetables, algae and other natural ingredients.

Athletic Greens provides a wide range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients but is not classified as a meal substitute. Even so, it is extremely nutritious and can be mixed with just about any liquid. The taste is exceptional with a hint of chocolate flavoring that helps to mask the natural flavor.

The one knock on Athletic Greens is that on a per-gram-basis, it is perhaps the most expensive green powder drink we have come across. If this becomes your green drink of choice, you would be wise to get on their loyalty/auto-ship program where you can get the cost down.

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 #3. Organifi

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Organifi Green Juice is a pure superfood powder that is growing in popularity in a big way. This is an interesting formula because it zigs when other products zag. What do we mean by that?

Most green powder drinks contain a fairly balanced blend of grasses, land vegetables, sea vegetables, algae and fruits. Organifi has just one grass, wheat grass, and the two main algae ingredients in chlorella and spirulina. It doesn’t contain classic ingredients like spinach and kale but is one of the only green drink powders that contains horseradish.

Organifi also has profoundly healthy ingredients such as ashwaghanda root and red beet. We also like that they use a juice extract form of wheat grass which is more potent than a whole plant form.

Here’s the thing. Organifi ONLY contains superfoods. And a good amount at almost 7 grams per serving. But it doesn’t contain digestive enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, protein etc. It is a one-dimensional product and that is fine if you are looking for a pure superfood product.

We like this unique green drink and think it is an exceptional, completely organic, green drink and a very good option.

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Superfooddrinks.org Rating: 9.4

If you want to lose weight, energize your body, boost your immunity to illness and enjoy all of the great nutrients that nature has to offer, there is hardly a better option than trying out a high quality green drink powder.

Consider the options outlined above, look over the ingredients and see which particular drink or drinks would best suit your personal needs and budget. You may even want to drink more than one type of green drink, as each drink is unique and even the best drinks on the market do not include every single healthy ingredient or useful nutrient.

Be sure to also consult a doctor if you have a health condition, are taking prescription or over the counter medication and/or are pregnant or nursing. Green drink ingredients are potent and may cause a bad reaction when taking with medication and some ingredients are unsuitable for those who have certain health problems.

Sound medical advice that is then coupled with a good diet and healthy living can leave you looking and feeling healthy, happy and in the best shape of your life.