SuperGreen Tonik Green Drink Review

SuperGreen Tonik ReviewWaking up and being healthy always seems to be a chore. If you’re someone getting up at the crack of dawn to chop vegetables and whip up a green smoothie, then you have one up on a lot of people. Unfortunately, not many people want to eat vegetables in the morning. This is where healthy supplements come into play.

Many folks are turning to Green Superfood Powder Drinks to quickly and conveniently get all the nutrition from vegetables they need in one serving.

Even though these greens powders aren’t enough to replace your fruits and veggies completely, they definitely help to give you an added nutritional boost, but how do you know which one to pick?

In this SuperGreen Tonik review, we’ll breakdown a new green drink powder that we believe is certainly worth giving a try. 

What is SuperGreen Tonik All About?

SuperGreen Tonik is separated into three categories on the label. They have a greens section, a nootropic section and an immune section.

There are 15 total ingredients in SuperGreen Tonik and you get around 12 grams of total nutrition per serving. Most green drinks that we review contain 8-9 grams per serving.

We’ll take a look at this product in detail and examine each section. But first, what are the claimed benefits?

The Claimed Benefits of SuperGreen Tonik

According to their website, SuperGreen Tonik claims the following…

  • More Energy
  • More Mental Clarity
  • Better Immunity
  • Increased Well Being

SuperGreen Tonik

Honestly, these claims are not “over the top”. Many supplements, including some green powder drinks, have such outrageous claims that it’s difficult to trust anything they say.

SuperGreen Tonik can deliver more energy because there is enough real greens ingredients for someone to feel a true energy impact.

Mental clarity is a little more of a stretch because it’s hard to sometimes pinpoint what specifically improves brain function. Believe me, the FDA has gone after many nootropics providers making wild claims about brain health.

That being said, SuperGreen Tonik does have a fairly robust nootropic component to this product. You would not necessarily be getting more brain nutrients if you went out and bought a separate nootropic product. And the ingredients used are well-known and well-studied.

Claiming better immunity is safe. Immune function is largely due to ingesting healthy foods like water-rich, dark-green vegetables and specific herbs. Adding some immune-boosting herbs in higher potencies can almost ensure enhanced immunity.

Well-being is subjective but let’s face it. If you are healthier, more focuses and abundant with energy, you are probably experiencing increased well-being.

SuperGreen Tonik Ingredients

Having reviewed a huge selection of different supplements, the very first thing I noticed when glancing at SuperGreen Tonik, is that they disclose the amount of each ingredient in the formula. Good for them! 

This is rare in the supplement industry, and not many green drink companies do this, which in my mind adds to the credibility of SuperGreen Tonik.

Below you can see the full ingredient label, which can be found on their website.

SuperGreen Tonik Label

Let’s quickly break down the ingredients in the three categories. For the most part, I like what I see…

Greens Section

There are seven ingredients in the superfood greens blend. Not the most ingredients I’ve seen in the most important part of the formula but what it lacks in variety it makes up for in potency. You are getting over 7 grams of nutrition from all organic ingredients. 

There is a good mix of algae, grasses and land vegetables. I would like to see wheat and alfalfa grass to compliment the barley grass. 

The only other “knock” here is that the ingredients are whole food powders instead of juice extracts. The true nutritional essence of green superfoods are found in the juice. That said, most green drinks use powders instead of juice extracts and rightly so as juice extracts generally raise the cost of the product dramatically.

Nootropics Section

At just under 2 grams of brain support ingredients in this section, this component of SuperGreen Tonik is the same or more potent than you’d get if you purchased a separate nootropic supplement. And nootropic supplements are expensive. Here you get six well-known nootropics which are believed to help with concentration, focus and memory. 

Immune Section

Here you have three ingredients widely known to boost immune function. I like the approach that this product takes by instead of “dressing up” the label with numerous ingredients in very low potencies, adding a few ingredients in high potencies so that they have a genuine impact on the body.

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SuperGreen Tonik Review – Taste

If you’re new to the green drink community, you’re probably thinking how any drink with 15 different superfoods blended into a fine powder could ever taste good. When I tried my first green drink powder it was grassy, and bitter, making it hard to stomach every morning.

Thankfully, SuperGreen Tonik is much tastier. Sweetened with Stevia and a hint of mint.

This stuff tastes pretty decent for being all-natural, and according to other consumers, they would agree.

One scoop of SuperGreen Tonik mixed with a cold glass of water, or your favorite smoothie is a tasty way to start your day.

Is SuperGreen Tonik Worth the Price?

Benefits and ingredients are definitely the building blocks of a quality green drink, but how much does it cost? 

A month supply of SuperGreen Tonik is going to cost you $89.00 (30 servings). This ends up being about $3 per serving.

You also have the option of buying a 3 month supply for $222.00. This reduces the monthly cost to $74 and your daily serving to $2.50. This is actually a pretty good deal, and your nutrition is set for a few months.

Sure you may be thinking that this is a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. 

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase of SuperGreen Tonik they offer a 365 day money back guarantee. All you have to do is contact the supplier, and they will begin the return process. I’ve never seen a 365 day money back guarantee before. Considering that you are purchasing a 30-serving supply, this seems more of a marketing ploy.

Besides the money back guarantee, every purchase made through SuperGreen Tonik, they donate $1 to VitaminAngels, which helps less fortunate kids around the world. Good for them.

Pros and Cons of SuperGreen Tonik

Weighing the pros and cons is something I always do before purchasing a supplement. Instead of wasting your time researching, I put together my own list of pros and cons for you to reference. Check it out.


  • High quality ingredients with high potencies
  • Ingredient amounts listed on label
  • Added nootropic section that is rare in green drinks
  • Greens are 100% organic
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • The price is a little high
  • Does not contain pro-biotics

Final Thoughts on SuperGreen Tonik

Because of the transparency that SuperGreen Tonik portrays, it’s hard not to recommend this product to first time green drink users. 

The lack of proprietary blends, and the inclusion of ingredient amounts makes SuperGreen Tonik one of the most honest green drink supplements on the market.

It may not have a huge selection of ingredients, but it makes up for it in potencies.

The value is decent. It’s not the lowest price green drink powder we’ve seen by a long shot. For that price range, you might want to check out Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens. This green drink powerhouse is around $10 more but you get twice as much greens-per-serving at 15 grams, you get probiotics, digestive enzymes and 11 grams of vegan protein. 

If you have ever tried SuperGreen Tonik, please let us know how it works for you.  Thanks for reading!

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