SuperBeets Introduction

superbeets-product-image-300x248SuperBeets is a superfood drink manufactured by a company called HumanN. The manufacturer’s pitch is that SuperBeets, although they sound like a more dope version of Dr. Dre’s Apple headphone line, will increase your body’s Nitric Oxide. During our SuperBeets review, we also explain why so many health connoisseurs seek out nitric oxide supplements.

The company is also known for another superfood drink called, HeartGreens. You can read our HeartGreens review if you’d like to get a little more information on HumanN’s past creations. Today, our SuperBeets review attempts to take a deeper dive into the claims made by the manufacturer.

HumanN is a respected company that you can definitely trust in terms of purchasing a supplement without fear of being scammed.

As a company, their product lines tend to focus on increasing nitric oxide in the body (sans HeartGreens). BeetElite is another superfood drink which makes this claim, as well, they have an older superfood drink powder called BeetElite, which is sold on similar claims.


Product Name: HumanN SuperBeets Superfood
Company Name: Human Power of N, Co.
Owner(s): Dr. Nathan Bryan, PhD, Dr. John Ivy
Product Description: Nitric oxide beetroot superfood drink
Price: $39.95


SuperBeets is the advanced version of BeetElite. The manufacturer claims that if you drink SuperBeets, the resulting nitric oxide increases will lead to healthy circulation and more balanced blood pressure levels.

Nitric oxide is produced naturally by the body. It allows your cells to relate to one another via the transmission of bodily signals. Nitric oxide is pretty darn important and its’ role in the body is vast and seemingly infinite. It promotes healthier sleep, regulates blood pressure, improves memory, and even increases an athlete’s endurance.

So as you can imagine, increased nitric oxide is one of the supplement world’s most loftiest goals.

SuperBeets uses one core ingredient to effectively increase Nitric Oxide in the body: Beetroot Powder. Via the SuperBeets label, we see that Beetroot powder is the main ingredient. However, what we don’t see is the amount of Beetroot powder we are getting with our purchase. HumanN’s non-disclosure falls under the “proprietary blend” concept, which means they don’t disclose their ingredient amounts as a way of “protecting their trade secret.”

Let’s be honest, when you break this situation down, SuperBeets has ONE ingredient! We already know what that ingredient is. And, according to the label you are getting it twice.

One serving is 5 grams of…

Non-GMO Beetroot Powder

Ingredient number two…

Non-GMO Beetroot Powder

And it’s flavored with apple and stevia.

That said, many people do cite improved health from the drink. There aren’t any surprises there, Beetroot powder is good for you. However, we’ve never been a fan of single-nutrient supplements. Combining multiple ingredients in adequate potencies, now that’s when the magic happens.



As discussed, SuperBeets uses non-GMO BeetRoot juice. It includes both a standard version of Beetroot juice, as well as a fermented version. Additionally, you will find natural apple flavor and stevia have been added for taste.



It taste like Beetroot. I can deal with the taste of beets, but if you can’t, you aren’t going to enjoy it. For some odd reason, HumanN decided to create a second flavor version using Black Cherry as a way to conceal the taste of the Beetroot. I am pretty sure I’d rather taste beets than black cherry. All that being said, you are buying this drink for health and HumanN didn’t invent the taste of Beetroot. You aren’t buying a milkshake from Sonic because that’s what got you into trouble in the first place.


One serving is 5 grams. There are 30 servings per $39.95 container. That’s .75 per serving. That’s reasonable. I guess. I just can’t help thinking of this being so one-dimensional that it’s making me yawn as I type.

Consider this… if you took a scoop of Organifi for example, (or pretty much any other green powder drink reviewed on this site) for a similar price you are getting 2-3 times the nutrition, numerous superfood ingredients, and an overall more comprehensive product.

I can see the value of adding SuperBeets to an existing green powder drink to give it a little more nutritional mojo, but is it really necessary?



  • Most definitely increases Nitric Oxide
  • People report improved blood pressure
  • Should increase energy


  • 5 grams a serving is not very potent
  • Taste isn’t likely to win any awards
  • We just can’t completely wrap arms around a single nutrient, $40 product


HumanN is a legit and trusted company, you won’t get scammed. They have a solid history in the supplement industry. The cost per serving is fine, but ultimately you are ingesting one nutrient. Beets. Yippee.

The core competency of the blend, Beetroot juice, is most certainly good for you. Will SuperBeets improve your health? Probably so. Will it fleece your pocketbook and are there better, more comprehensive options? You bet.

This girl really likes SuperBeets, but I also think they gave her some free containers, so interpret that as you wish.