Super Green Juice Review

super green juice review

Super Green Juice has some serious health pop, but not quite enough to breach the bottom of my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. But don’t fret if you already purchased it, as this Super Green Juice review is going to feature a number of notable health benefits derived from drinking this green drink powder.

I read another Super Green Juice review the other day that did, however, list this drink as one of their top products. In all honesty, I believe that to have been a case of a reviewer who is new and became a prisoner to the moment while reading a pretty impressive looking label.

Super Green Juice as a powerful ingredient list. It won’t break your bank. They make a lot of manufacturer claims that are a little sketchy, but don’t they all in some capacity? No harm, no foul, at least after we compare this product to others in the market.


Product Name: Super Green Juice

Company Name: Touchstone Essentials


eddie stone

Eddie Stone, as pictured from’s website, looking very professional and entrepeneural’ish

Owner(s): Eddie Stone

Product Description: green drink

Price: $79.95 (Per manufacturer, but auto-delivery discounts are available)

You can get to know Eddie below. He seems driven to help people to build businesses. He seems very intense, like not the type of guy who likes to talk Reality TV shop at Thanksgiving dinner intense.


Super Green Juice is certainly no slouch when it comes to nutrient density. They have four blends they promote. I go over each blend below. Here’s the thing: These blends are all good, but Super Green Juice really tries to exploit blend names in their labels. For example, antioxidants are found throughout the “energy blend” and the “alkalizing” blend is a lot of grasses, as well, alkalizing is merely a part of eating a lot of greens in general.

Blend names help sell health products. No harm, no foul, honestly. There is a lot of goodness in Super Green Juice. I think the most important blend that helps to move Super Green Juice away from the herd is the antioxidant blend. They use a lot of cool and healthy mushrooms. This could be the one blend that makes them viable to purchase. The nutritional panel is without a doubt, the most essential part of our Super Green Juice review.


The Alkalizing Blend

Ah, alkalinity. Water manufactures are saying we need it. It sounds like a darn good thing to have. In the end, this is your “grassy blend.” Grasses are some of the most healthy plants to eat on earth. Alfalfa grass is full of nutrient density, including, vitamins A, iron, potassium, and even protein. This blend also has barley grass juice. Included in the greens mix is spinach, which is arguably the most powerful superfood on earth. Just ask Popeye.

Detox and Energizing Blend

The word “detox” has almost become a term used to mock health advocates anymore. I almost hate the word now. It is commonly overused by health product labels as a way to reach new eyeballs. If you drink green drink powders and you don’t eat a lot of processed foods, your body is likely to spit out bad crap. That’s just the nature of our bodies. That said, organic cholera is known to have some detox attributes, which is why Super Green Juice uses detox in the blend name. Spirulina and sea kelp are also in this blend, making it a really well-rounded health infusion.

Digestive Support Blend

This is most definitely my favorite Super Green Juice blend. This blend can be divided up between healthy fibers, such as flaxseed and chia seed. As well as healthy probiotics. The flax and chia seeds are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids to boot, so that’s a double win. The probitotics in the blend will feed off the resistant starch aspects of the indigestible fibers. I know, “indigestible” sounds super scary, but fear not, those are healthy bacterias for the probiotic enzymes to feed from! This can enhance your mood and overall brain function!


In the end, a green powder drink that’s legit even in the smallest of manners should have antioxidants present throughout the blend. That’s the case with Super Green Juice as well. However, they do like to market their blends, for better or for worse. This blend features powerful berries, like blueberries and goji berries and cranberries which all contain a wide array of antioxidants known for helping to fight the onset of free radicals. Free radicals help stimulate degenerative diseases. So you don’t want them. Berries are your friends.

Pumpkin and carrots are also nutrient dense additions, however, the coolest addition is the mushrooms. To me, this is what separates Super Green Juice, somewhat, from being a bit too average.


super green juice ingredients

Super Green Juice ingredients as listed on manufacturer’s label


They have added in apple and rasberry flavors, so I feel that Super Green Juice taste is a pretty good one. But I’m used to drinking green drinks, so my palate’s bar might well be lower than most.


You get 30 servings of Super Green Juice for roughly $80. This comes out to $2.65 per serving. You get a 10 gram serving per every drink you make. That’s OK, but nothing to write home about. If I look at Shakeology or Total Living Drink Greens, I see I get 40 grams per serving for just a little more in costs. That’s a big difference and it makes Super Green Juices just an average situation, at best.

You might try looking at my review of  Garden of Life Perfect Raw Food which could give you a better idea of what real ingredient value looks like. I am also a big fan of Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens which is a more elite green drink experience that cost more, however, it is worth more to your health.



  • Ingredients are truly good.
  • That organic thing is happening.
  • I really, really like the digestive blend
  • Additional probiotics are nice.


  • Terrible value for what you get.
  • Just an overall impotent serving size.


Super Green Juice is just not a candidate for the top 10 superfood green drink reviews, this is, simply put, because the drink isn’t very powerful. It does cost less as a way to make up for a lackluster ingredient amount, but it doesn’t make up as much as it should. I’d pay half of the retail amount and feel better about this situation. But of course, green drink manufacturers don’t exactly negotiate. You can do better.