Today, I wrote a Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens review. Today, you might end up so disappointed in this product that you decide health just isn’t for you.

But just know that before you give up, you can find ultra-high quality on my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list, so don’t fear if you put all your eggs into this one green superfood powder drink and my review crushes your hopes of a “new you.”

Wait, so I’m saying my Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens review will show that this health drink sucks? Why am I still here!

I don’t think this drink “sucks,” as you crassly put it. It’s a good product. It’s cheap. But it’s on dimensional and not very competitive with other big name brands that offer way more superfoods and are much more stacked with nutritional density. Kylea Total Living Drink Greens is one example. Athletic Greens is another example.


Product Name: Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens Review
Company Name: Sun Brothers, LLC
Product Description: Green superfood drink
Price: $29.71 on website

Note: The manufacturer has a good reputation for customer satisfaction and I could find no real consumer complaints. This means that they either have few complaints about their product, or their customer service is solid at resolving issues. Or, they put out “hits” on customers who do complain. Let’s hope it is either the first or second option!


Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens is a lackluster version of a superfood green drink powder. It’s low potency and one dimensional. That said, it does costs a lot less than its competitors, but in this case, you truly do pay for what you get. Plain and simple, there are options abound that are much higher quality experiences than this.

Sunwarrior claims that their ingredients are grown in “pristine volcanic soil.” My first thought is, who has to go get it? I need some active volcano lava in my drink. Can they pull that off as well? This is a rather brazen claim, at the end of the day, being used as a decoy hoping that people miss the fact that the number of ingredients is subpar.

This drink truly has four ingredients in it. Those are barley, alfalfa, oat, and wheat. Yes, this product is all grasses, nothing else (for the most part). But those grasses were grown in a field from the set of Game Of Thrones, apparently. So there’s that. They claim to have probiotics, but the label gives little in the way of details over the matter so it’s difficult to surmise how much are present. I feel like if the manufacturer could use the amount of probiotics advantageously to sell the product, they’d tell us the amounts. Not disclosing the amount, in my opinion, signals that there aren’t much. I should be a private investigator, I follow clues like a mad man.


As stated in the prior summary, my Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens review found only four ingredients and they are all grasses. Grasses are great. Grasses are superfoods. The real issue here is that this is a green superfood drink which means it should be loaded with potency. That’s why you buy a green drink so that you don’t have to go to a grocery store and buy tons of vegetables.

Now here’s the weird kicker: Sunwarrior replicates these few ingredients into what they label as a dehydrated juice blend. That means each of the grasses above are also available as organic juice extracts. Kylea Total Living Drink Greens is the top green superfood drink on our green drink list because it contains a super high amount of organic juice extracts.  So this is good news (kind of). The whole thing is odd because I’ve never seen a green drink replicate ingredients like this. Juice extracts are more expensive so they tend to raise the price of the drink. In this case, that doesn’t seem to happen, which is suspect. And why they chose to use the exact same ingredients already available in whole food form is further inquisitive.


The product is pretty tasteless. That’s not a bad accomplishment considering most green drinks taste a bit earthy. But it could also be due to Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens being so low potency. Legit green drinks should impose some earthy taste on us. I feel like this drink should leave a volcano aftertaste. But it doesn’t. So I’m suspicious.

Value: Each container has 45 grams of grasses in it. It has 5 grams per serving. Each bottle is roughly $30. That’s .70 per serving, for those of you doing the math. That’s a great value. But you have to remember, you are only getting about four ingredients, so proceed wisely.


  • Covers all the grasses
  • Everything is certified organic
  • They use juice extracts which are the most nutritious form of superfoods
  • Contains probiotics


  • Very low potent formula at just 5 grams per serving
  • Uses only grasses – No variety of superfoods


What does any of this mean???? It means first, you should visit our top 10 superfood green drink reviews and set yourself straight. It means that Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens is a poor man’s Kylea Total Living Drink Greens. It means you could do better but you aren’t getting ripped off.