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Shakeology products are a well-known meal-replacement shake line from Beach Body –an infomercial behemoth and the makers of P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift and more. Shakeology is a multi-level marketing company and because of this, there are hundreds of people who review Shakeology on the internet. Because many people are suspicious of MLM’s, Shakeology products are accused of being a scam. The following is one of the unbiased reviews for Shakeology Greenberry meal replacements powder.


Product Name: Shakelogy Greenberry

Company Name: Beach Body


Owner(s): Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon

Product Description: Meal replacement shakes, protein shake, weight-loss shake

Price: $129.95

Rating: 9.4 out of 10

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This review covers the Shakeology Greenberry product label. It indicates four categories of superfoods. These are Phytonutrient Super-Greens Blend, Antioxidant Super-Fruit Blend, Proprietary Adaptogen Herb Blend and a Proprietary Fruit Powder Blend.

Phytonutrient Super-Greens Blend:

The greens section contains 1800 mg of Chlorella, Spirulina, Hydrilla and Blue Green Algae for the algae section, Spinach Powder, and then a selection of popular grasses including Barley, Wheat, Oat and Kamut.

Antioxidant Super-Fruit Blend:

The 10 ingredients in this section collectively provide 1750 mg and is an excellent blend of the more popular superfoods such as Goji, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Acerola and Acai. Considering one serving of most green drinks are a total of 8-10 grams, having just under 2 grams of antioxidants alone is impressive. This section can be great for lowering blood sugar.

Proprietary Adaptogen Herb Blend:

This is an interesting blend of some powerful herbs with a total potency of almost 1700 mg. Maca Powder is excellent as a mood stabilizer and good for boosting energy levels and overall health and Astragalus Root powder enhances immune function. And then there are a few lesser known herbs such as Ashwagandha powder, Cordyceps and Reishi powder (both mushrooms). It appears this section focuses on increased energy, immune enhancement and mood stabilization. We find this section to be both unique and beneficial.

Proprietary Fruit Powder Blend:

This fruit blend of 1500 mg contains a selection of fruits that are more than likely for flavoring than for therapeutic benefit. They are good superfoods (with the exception of banana which we typically avoid).

Shakeology also has another group of superfoods that apparently did not get their own title but are a “who’s-who” of some of the healthiest substances you could ingest, such as, Apple fiber, Chia, Pea fiber, Quinoa and Flax. At nearly 3 grams of additional nutrition and with the Flax and Chia, this collection of awesome superfood ingredients provides additional protein and fiber and the critically important Omega Fatty Acids. Surprisingly, these essential fatty acids are all-to-often missing from most green drinks.

In summary, there is a remarkable panel of superfoods in this product and an interesting herbal panel as well. The combined potency of all four categories is approximately 9 grams of total nutrient-dense superfoods. That’s an excellent dose of superfoods comparatively speaking, more than Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw and All Day Energy Greens for example.




In addition to the superfoods, Shakeology Greenberry has a lot more to it nutritionally speaking. Each 35-42 gram serving (depending which flavor you choose) provides 15-16 grams of whey isolate protein, a robust probiotics panel (1,150 mg in each shake), digestive enzymes and fiber.

At 40 grams per serving and 140 calories, Shakeology Greenberry is a true meal-replacement. It also has plenty of vitamins and minerals making it extremely well-rounded. And at 140, nutrient-dense calories, it can also be utilized as a green drink weight loss smoothie.

One negative is that it contains 11 grams of sugar per shake. This is higher than most superfood green drinks I’ve reviewed. But most green drinks also don’t have anywhere close to 40 grams of nutrition in each serving. However, when compared to the big-name meal replacement shakes like SlimFast, 11 grams of sugar is nothing. And furthermore, this sugar is naturally-occurring sugars from the fruits… it’s certainly not high-fructose corn syrup.

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What Shakeology review would be complete without covering what it tastes like? Simply put, it tastes good. Really good. Suspiciously good. It tastes kind of like an herbal smoothie but not in a bad way. I always mix my superfood powders with other ingredients to make a smoothie, but Shakeology Greenberry can literally be mixed in water and not have you gagging or gasping for air. The texture is not a concern and it mixes very well making the consistency pleasing. And, Shakeology has a smorgasbord of flavors… chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, even a vegan chocolate.



Ok. I’m not going to beat around the bush. Shakeology is expensive. It is a very good product because it’s well-rounded and provides enough nutrition to truly be considered a quality meal-replacement. But a 30-day supply is $130! That’s over $4.30 for each shake.

But slow down… remember that you are getting 40 grams of nutrient-dense calories per shake. So let’s do the math… 40 grams per shake times 30 servings = 1,200 grams. $130 divided by 1,200 grams = $.11 per gram. Compare this to one of the highest-rated green drinks on our site, Vitamineral Green at $.13 per gram, or Green Vibrance at $.14 per gram. Not too shabby for 30 servings.

It all depends on what you are looking for. If you want meal replacements, Shakeology is virtually unmatched in the marketplace. If you simply want a whole foods greens-drink without the grams of protein and extra nutrition, there are much less expensive options. A couple of our favorites are Patriot Power Greens and Athletic Greens, both loaded with vitamins and minerals. They both also help to promote healthy eating.

And, you can buy Shakeology cheaper. There are 3 ways to get Shakeology at a discount.

Shakeology Greenberry and the other flavors are extraordinary superfood drinks. When they say “The healthiest meal of the day.” they weren’t kidding.




  • A very well-rounded, complete formula with protein, superfoods, enzymes, probiotics and more.
  • 40 grams and 140 calories in each shake is a lot of nutrition and will leave you feeling satisfied.
  • Very pleasing taste and texture.
  • Helps boost energy levels.
  • Can contain up to 16 grams of protein powder.


  • Cost at $130 per a 30-serving bag is admittedly expensive; however, at $.11 per gram it’s less expensive than most.


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Shakeology is an excellent, well-rounded meal-replacement drink that has mega potencies of superfoods, antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes, protein and more. It provides a lot of nutrition in each shake and is a true “meal-replacement”.  There’s so much garbage in the meal-replacement weight-loss industry that it’s refreshing to see a good one like Shakeology.

We highly recommend Shakeology for those that are genuinely serious about their health and diet.

SFD OVERALL Rating: 9.2 out of 10

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