purelybottleIn this Purely Inspired Organic Greens review, we take a look at an incredibly popular big retail green superfood drink. Purely Inspired Organic Greens is found on the shelves of Walgreens and Walmart. By the way, if it happens to be a full moon and you decide you want to purchase this green drink, I’d opt for Walgreens. I’ve been to Walmart during a full moon and it’s not something I’d recommend.

Let’s take a look at the hard product details.


Product Name: Purely Inspired Organic Greens
Company Name: Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.
Website: www.purelyinspired.com
Owner(s): Unknown
Product Description: Greens superfood drink powder
Price: $15.00


Purely Inspired Organic Greens is a seemingly economical way to get in 40 greens, sprouts fruits and vegetables. That’s an awful ambitious label for such a low price, which is my way of saying I went into this Purely Inspired Organic Greens review with a number of hesitations.

So, on one hand, the manufacturer does list a ton of ingredients. But on the other hand, they fall under the “proprietary blend” category, meaning they aren’t going to tell us how much of the ingredients you get per serving. It’s all organic (for the win).

The product seems almost too good to be true. Let’s dig down into the numbers:

The product has 10 grams per serving and comes in a 20-gram container. You essentially pay .75 per serving. I haven’t seen a deal this suspicious since Tom Hanks and Shelley Long bought a million dollar home for $200,000 in the 1986 comedy, The Money Pit. We’ve reviewed thousands of supplemental drinks and in all of our time, we’ve never seen any product get their price point down to such a low number. If the labels are correct, this product is the deal of the century.

Purely Inspired Organic Greens also contains probiotics but comes up short on digestive enzymes. But hey, it cost so little that you can afford to pop an extra $20 for some enzymes!

Yes, I’m suspect when it comes to the low price point, but this is a large company with a good reputation. They may have access to a magic fairyland organic superfood garden that I don’t know about. I’m the little people, all said and done.

Check out the full label:



Being that it is a green superfood drink, Purely Inspired Organic Greens does taste a bit earthy, but it has enough fruits present in the blend to give it a sweet kick which does a wonderful job in concealing the grassy taste.


Well, as noted earlier, the value here is insanely good. Again, I can’t help but feel wary regarding how they achieved such a low price point, but taken at Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.’s word, it is one of the better deals you will find.

10 grams of 40 different superfoods per serving. The container holds 20 servings. That comes to .75 cents per serving. You can’t even drive across the Everglades for under .75 cents, but apparently, you can wash down 40 superfoods each morning.



  • Loaded with 40 superfoods
  • Excellent price
  • Easy to purchase
  • Contains probiotics


  • The price point for all that goodness is suspect
  • You might have to enter a Walmart to purchase it
  • No digestive enzymes


If taken at the manufacturer’s word, the price and value of this green superfood drink are off the charts. This is an outstanding value. The proprietary blend and my hesitations that someone could possibly sling a 40 organic superfood drink at this high of serving sizes should be noted by the consumer. But unless we are driving to lovate Health Sciences International Inc.’s manufacturing plant, we are left with no choice but to believe them.

I’d say they are worth a shot considering how great the deal is. Maybe check out some other Purely Inspired Organic Greens reviews as well.

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