newgreens-o_pp_xlargePure Prescriptions is an online health site that carries their own brands, as well as a variety of other brands. They carry health supplements for men, women and even pets (that’s right, even Fido can get his health on with Pure Prescriptions). Nothing like having a healthy dog or cat (or a bearded dragon if you are one of “those” people). Seriously, there are lots of people who have bearded dragon pets!

In today’s Pure Prescription New Greens review, we take a closer look at a superfood concocted by Dr. Chad Larson. He wanted to create a superfood green drink powder that is as much for bodybuilders as it is for the common person aspiring to infuse some health into their busy life. He also believes it could serve children well. Our children are the future, my friends.

Our New Greens review shows that Dr. Chad Larson’s ambitions have been mostly met.


Product Name: Pure Prescriptions New Greens
Company Name: Pure Prescriptions
Owner(s): Unknown
Product Description: Greens superfood drink powder
Price: $39.97


New Greens superfood green drink contains a variety of essential green nutrients important for those trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. The product is 10 grams a serving and costs about 1.33 per serving which is very similar to Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw and All Day Energy Greens.

The downside to Dr. Chad Larson’s New Greens is that the label is set up in a proprietary fashion, making it difficult to decipher which ingredients are in it. The ones he does disclose, however, are excellent choices.

Let’s get down and dirty and have a look at some of these ingredients. His Essential Blend contains Chlorella, Spirulina, Organic Alfalfa juice, Kamut grass and more. This blend is the dominant blend in New Greens. Chlorella is a big source of Protein, Chlorophyll, Magnesium, Iron, and amino acids, assuring the consumer that the dominant blend is a super powerful nutrient blend. Did you know that spirulina has thousands of times more beta-carotene than carrots? The more you know, my friends.

Dr. Larson’s Power Veggie blend is the second highest portion inside of Pure Prescription New Greens ingredients. Organic carrot root, organic spinach leaf powder, and organic kale top the list here. The second punch from New Greens superfood drink is pretty darn solid, to say the least.

Here’s the full label:



Dr. Chad Larson recommends that you drink New Greens with almond milk. I did it both with water and with his recommended almond milk method. Clearly, the almond milk version was a whole lot better. It made it a smoother experience. I enjoyed drinking it. It has a bit of a grassy taste, but not overwhelming. The texture is as good as you stir or blend. If you are a weak stirrer, you might get a little additional texture you don’t enjoy. Be a strong power stirrer or use a blender and this won’t happen. Man up. Stir strong. Or maybe shake it James Bond style.

But don’t sweat it if you don’t want to use any type of milk, because the water version tasted great as well. Those almond milk boxes run out fast, good to know that some basic water will do.


As I mentioned earlier, New Greens servings are in 10-gram increments. All said and done; that’s $1.33 per serving. That’s a fantastic value considering all the great superfood ingredients you get. Dr. Chad Larson certainly does not skimp on New Greens value. 10-grams is a pretty huge serving size. His lineup of blends is also rock solid in terms of dense superfood nutritional makeup.

I’d say Dr. Larson wins here.



  • Ingredients are anti-inflammatory
  • Excellent superfood value
  • Taste is pretty darn good
  • The main blend is potent stuff



This product is a solid undertaking by Dr. Chad Larson. It is built for the athlete, the common person, and the child. His blends are largely potent, though the proprietary aspect is never a great note to find on a label. The serving sizes offer wonderful value. As mentioned above, there is two other similar superfood green powder drinks you could likely get a bit cheaper (check the reviews above). Pure Prescription New Greens gets my vote as a pretty good product.

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