Updated: April 3rd, 2020

A Review of Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice, as the name suggests, is a completely organic superfood green drink powder, made by Drew Canole, CEO of the popular FitLife.TV website. When we began researching this product we discovered there were a lot of Organifi Green Juice reviews out there. This unbiased Organifi Green Juice review will take an in depth look at the health benefits of this formula to determine how it stacks up with our top reviewed green drink powders.


Product Name: Organifi Green Juice Review

Company Name: Organifi

Owner(s): Drew Canole

Website: Organifi.com

Product Description: Organic green juice powder

Price: $37.49 – $69.95 (30-Day Supply) *Depending on quantity

Rating: 9.4 out of 10


Each serving of Organifi Green Juice provides close to 9 grams of superfoods that are broken down on the label into two distinct categories:

Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend and Super Food Proprietary Blend

Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend

The Alkaline Greens section contains an excellent blend of over 5 grams of both organic Wheatgrass and organic Wheatgrass juice.

Interestingly, it also contains organic Horseradish Tree, also known as Moringa, and is a staple herb in the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine, which attributes the powerhouse herb to curing or preventing literally hundreds of diseases.

Organifi Green Juice Powder also contains algae in the forms of organic Spirulina and organic Chlorella. These are fairly common in green powder drinks and are an important staple that everyone should be taking.

The formula also includes organic Matcha Green Tea leaf. Matcha Green Tea is a powerful source of antioxidants, is rich in alkalizing chlorophyll, helps speed up the metabolism and is also a mood enhancer.

Super Food Proprietary Blend

The Super Food Proprietary Blend contains organic Coconut Water powder, organic Ashwaghanda root, organic Red Beet and organic Tumeric.

These are very interesting ingredients that are rarely –with the exception of Red Beet – found in green powder drinks.

Coconut water is “nature’s sports drink” because it is loaded with electrolytes and carbs that help replenish energy levels. To date, we’ve not reviewed a superfood drink that uses Coconut water powder, but it makes sense as it is a great source of natural energy.

Ashwaghanda root is also a key herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. This remarkable herb is quite literally “brain food” as it has many benefits that aid in reducing stress, improving focus and mental clarity and reducing brain cell degeneration. In addition, it is a profound immune system enhancer.

Superfood Summary

We are extremely impressed with the superfood selection in this product. There are some unique ingredients in it that seem to have an emphasis on rejuvenation, improved brain function and increased energy levels.

Though Organifi is not the most potent green drink we’ve reviewed in terms of grams per serving, it does deliver a high-quality shot of some of the most unique superfood ingredients that we’ve seen. And there are no fillers so each serving is 100% organic, nutrient-dense calories.



Organifi Green Juice is strictly a superfood powder. Other formulas will add things like probiotics, enzymes and antioxidants. Others still will even add protein to make it more of a meal replacement. The “Nutritional Panel” is for the non-superfood ingredients and Organifi’s formula is all superfoods.

With that being said, the two herbs that we find unique are the organic Horseradish Tree and the organic Ashwaghanda root.

These Indian herbs are a remarkable “powerhouse-type” ingredient that are rarely found in green drink formulas.

They are both loaded with antioxidants and have numerous health benefits for the body.

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Organifi Green Juice, according to the label, was voted the #1 best-tasting green drink powder. Organifi Green Juice TasteThat’s the good news. The bad news is that it was voted as such by Drew Canole’s mom.

The product gets points for having a sense of humor.

After trying the product however, Drew’s mom isn’t lying to protect her son. This is an excellent tasting green drink powder. Personally, I like green drinks that are milled super fine so they mix well with anything… including water. This product is definitely fine and you can mix it with a spoon.

It has a refreshing minty taste and slightly sweet.

Taste is very important. I hate to repeat myself, but overwhelmingly the biggest reason why people don’t stick with green superfood drinks is because of the way they taste. It’s important to choose one that you look forward to taking everyday.

We also researched other people’s reviews on the taste of Organifi Green Juice and it was extremely positive.



How do we determine value you ask? Carefully. It’s not as simple as one may assume. Green drinks come in every shape and size and they’re all unique. Sure, there are some crappy ones that cost too much and those are easy to spot.

There are many variables to consider and we try and avoid “pigeonholing” a green drink product. For example, some green drinks are, by design, intended to just have the superfood ingredients. Many do not have the additional nutritional categories like probiotics, enzymes and protein. Others have everything under the sun in them and many consumers like the “all in one” approach.

Organifi Green Juice is primarily just a superfood powder. It’s similar to Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood Plus, containing only superfood ingredients, but Dr. Schulze’s is one of the oldest and most well respected formulas out there.

What we like about using Organifi Green Juice is that it is 100% organic and contains some rare and highly beneficial herbs. And, at 9 grams per one scoop of just superfood ingredients, this is not a lightweight formula by any stretch.

If you purchased just a one canister, 1-month supply, the cost is $69.95 or $2.25 a serving. This is a little on the high side in our opinion.

However, if you purchase the 3-canister package the price drops to $49.98 or $1.60 per serving. You can even buy a 6-month or 12-month supply. The cost for a 6-month supply drops to $41 a unit or $1.35 a serving and the 12-month package is ridiculously cheap at $37.49 a unit, $1.22 a serving.




  • An excellent superfood panel with unique ingredients
  • The entire product is completely organic
  • Horseradish Tree (Moringa) and Ashwaghanda Root are rare, expensive and highly beneficial ingredients.
  • 9 grams of pure superfoods can be potent to your overall health.
  • The taste is excellent


  • It doesn’t contain probiotics or digestive enzymes
  • If you just bought one canister it is a little expensive[hr]


Organifi Green Juice is a very good green drink powder. It has its limitations because it only contains the superfood ingredients, however, it appears this is by design.

The taste of Green Juice by Organifi  is exceptional and taste it a big deal. If you struggle with taking green drinks, try making a health smoothie out of them. You won’t taste the powder at all, and you could even lose weight. Not only that but your mental clarity could increase.

The value of Organifi Green Juice isn’t bad, but if you just buy 1-canister it is a little over-priced. The multi-unit packages make the product extremely affordable.

We also like the company culture of Organifi. This was founded by Dale Canole, who runs a very popular health blog called FitLife.tv. Much of the blog focuses on juicing and exercising and enjoys a large, loyal following.

There are plenty of Organifi Green Juice reviews on the Internet. We hope ours was helpful.

OVERALL RATING: 9.4 out of 10

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