Organic Red Supremefood Review

Organic Red Supremefood Review

The old saying about “comparing apples to oranges,” while cliche, is the appropriate intended pun to start this Red Supremefood review off with.

Red Supremefood was created by a popular and well-respected doctor who believes that a healthy diet can resolve a lot of our common illnesses, as well as anxiety and depression. His drink is ripe with essential superfoods, fiber, and even probiotics.

The price is right for what Red Supremefood is. This isn’t a meal replacement drink and its priced accordingly. I like this drink a lot. It does exactly what it says it will do and it offers substantial value to the budget-oriented folks out there. Red Supremefood is an organic berry superfood powder that proves great tasting and healthy drinks can be had at an affordable price.

I suggest you check out the rest of this Red Supremefood review. I think you will like what you see.


Product Name: Superberry Ultimate

Company Name: Divine Health


Owner(s): Dr. Don Colbert

dr don colbert

Dr. Don Colbert

Product Description: berry superfood drink

Price: $38.99 (this was the current price on their website, but Amazon may differ)


Loaded with 9 potent superfoods and complimented with probiotics and enzymes, Red Supremefood gives the consumer a quality superfood health infusion.


Organic Fruit Blend

This is the blend that contains the core berry superfood ingredients. This is 3.2 grams per serving.


phytonutrients and antioxidants are at the very heart of the matter when it comes to the apple. “An apple a day keep the doctor away” are the truest of words. Apples are a bit unique superfood ingredient additions, Red Supremefood including them is great stuff.


beets superfoods

Red Supremefood includes beets for brain and heart health.

Beets are often recommended for people who suffer from high blood pressure. Beets are an often overlooked superfood. If you want to consume them in their raw state, you will need to juice them, which is messy and laborious. Getting them in a superfood formula is extremely convenient.


Rasberries are loaded with both antioxidants and vitamin C.

Acerola Cherry

The acerola cherry is a warrior in the fight against degenerative heart diseases.


An amazing source of critical electrolytes like potassium, the blueberry is another heart-healthy food source.


The obvious is urinary tract health. But the cranberry is also a known defender from cancer.


If you want glowing skin, the antioxidants found in the pomegranate are exactly what the Dr. ordered (specifically, Dr. Colbert).


Your immune system, bones, and eyes will all thank you for consuming a little pineapple on the daily.

Organic Fiber Blend

By way of gum acai and flax seed, Red Supreme foods not only benefit your overall digestion, they also help the “feeling full” effect that’s a vital component of weight loss. Additionally, flax seeds are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

People often don’t understand the difference between probiotics and prebiotics. Let’s just say, without one, the other isn’t able to do its job. Prebiotics are undigestible carbs or starches which are used to feed healthy bacteria called probiotics. You can take all the probiotics in the world, but if you don’t have prebiotic carbs in your digestion, the probiotics can’t feed and serve up their marketed benefits.

Red Supremefood’s inclusion of both is wise. However, often times, fibers can serve as prebiotics in any case. For example, many berry superfood drinks include inulin, the same prebiotic ingredient included in Red Supremefood. The difference is that they don’t market it as “prebiotic.” This is kind of a case of “what’s in a name?”

Organic Red Supremefood ingredients


There isn’t a hint of berry when it comes to Red Supremefood’s taste, rather, there is an explosion of berry. It mixes easily in water and you absolutely can’t miss the powerful berry taste that tends to overwhelm (in a good way). Clearly, if you aren’t a berry lover, go another way.


Dr. Colbert’s Red Supremefood is not a meal replacement drink. Instead, it’s a berry superfood drink that can be added on to a healthy diet that includes some form of protein. I state this clearly and directly because it affects the price. Yes, this is one of our top ranking berry superfood drinks, but price and value play a critical role.

A 30 day supply of Red Supremefood will cost you $38.99. That means 6 grams per serving at $1.25. The 6-gram serving size is a hair short of an elite superfood drink serving size, however, the price isn’t bad, all things considered.

If you don’t want a meal replacement drink, or are on a budget, Red Supremefood has a lot to offer you in the way of a daily infusion of health for minimal costs.



  • Loaded with vital superfood berries
  • Priced decently on a budget scale
  • Includes healthy enzymes, probiotics that help improve gut health
  • The berry taste is great
  • Fiber is included
  • Prebiotics included


  • The serving sizes are a bit lackluster at 6 grams
  • Not a meal replacement drink


This is a mostly positive Red Supremefood review. This berry superfood drink is built for budget oriented consumers and I’d say it overwhelming does its job. The lack of protein means it’s not intended to be a meal replacement drink. However, the price is right and the superfoods are great.


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