New Vitality Ruby Reds Review

New Vitality Ruby Reds Review

New Vitality Ruby Reds berry superfood drink is a cheap product that’s only intended for people who truly want to save money. As you will see in my New Vitality Ruby Reds review, the ingredient formula is decent, but its thin and includes sugar, soy, and stevia.

If you want cheap, this is a good read. If you can afford even as much as $40, I’d go to my top berry superfood drink list.


Product Name: Ruby Reds

Company Name:  New Vitality


Owner(s): Unsure

Product Description: berry superfood drink

Price: $25 (around)


New Vitality Ruby Reds ingredients are composed of fruits, vegetables, probiotics, enzymes, and a number of added vitamins and minerals.


New Vitality Ruby Reds ingredients are extremely diversified but thin in places we might expect more nutritional presence.

Oxy Blend (400 mg)

Green Tea: L-Theanine, caffeine and amazing for the skin.

Quercetin: well-known to help people who experience seasonal allergies.

Blueberry: loaded with fiber, potassium, and folate. One of the most powerful, best-tasting superfood berries on earth.

Cranberry: helps improve immune function and resolve UTI issues.

Pomegranate: immune system enhancer cancer-fighting properties.

collard greens benefits

Collard greens are not always mentioned in the top superfoods, but they should be.

Raspberry: helps people who suffer from circulatory diseases and fights inflammation.

Strawberry: one of the most powerful vitamin C sources on earth.

Brocolli: a cruciferous green that’s known for its ability to help stave off a number of degenerative diseases.

Carrot Roots: Improves eye health and has a large amount of vitamin C.

Collard Greens: vitamins K, E, A, C. An extraordinary leafy green.

Resveratrol: science has shown that it can help prevent cancer.

Spinach: a potent leafy green superfood that has nearly every beneficial nutrient inside of it.

Tomato: lots of antioxidants.

Fruit Powders

Ruby Reds ingredients also includes a number of fruit powders.

  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Cranberry
  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Beet Root
  • Stevia

Probiotics and Enzymes

Ruby Reds includes 150 mg of non-dairy probiotics and 125 mg of enzymes. Its nothing to write home about, but its at least something.

Other Ingredients

This is another black eye for Ruby Reds, the presence of sugar, soy, and even cornstarch. The cornstarch is likely used to stabilize the formula and extend the date of expiration. The sugar is likely to further enhance the taste. Overall, I don’t love that they have any of these additional ingredients. The soy inclusion is part of the main formula, its listed as soy lecithin powder.

New Vitality Ruby Reds supplement facts


Did not love it. Tasted a bit bitter and weird. It mixes OK, but not sure how a drink that adds in sugar can’t win the day with taste.


I will try to keep this as simple as possible. First, I went to the site to buy it through the manufacturer, but their site seems broken. I was unable to add it to my cart nor see the costs. Not sure if that’s something to chalk up as a negative against the drink, however, it’s worth noting.

I found a 1-month supply container on Amazon for around $24. That could change in a moment’s notice, though. This means you are paying .80 cents per 10.3 gram serving. The serving size is nice, but its hard to determine what that’s all composed of seeing the label doesn’t specify.

My grade here: Possibly good, but questionable value. 



  • Cheap, cheap, and more cheap
  • Has collard greens
  • The manufacturer can be trusted


  • I don’t love the taste
  • Added sugars
  • Contains soy


New Vitality Ruby Reds is a berry superfood drink for the struggling actor that really is pinching pennies. It has value in terms of vitamins and minerals, but the taste and blends leave a bit to be desired. I would suggest going to my top berry superfood drinks and browsing around unless you are on a $25 budget, in which case, you’ve won! Hopefully this Ruby Reds review has been helpful.