Detox Organics Whole Food Powder Review

Detox Organics ReviewWith hundreds of green drink powders on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. We want to make things simple, and give you all the information you need in order to feel confident before you purchase. 

In this review we breakdown Detox Organics, a plant-based nutritional powder packed with all organic ingredients for digestive support. Let’s take a closer look at Detox Organics below.

About Detox Organics 

Detox Organics is a whole food powder that seems to be popping up everywhere you look. Like most green drink powders, Detox Organics helps you to become a healthier version of yourself with just one scoop a day.

Detox Organics started in 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona, but have only had their website up and running since 2017. This is a very new company in the supplement world, but from what we could find, there was nothing negative about their brand, and they had quite a few reviews on Amazon.

They’ve also done an excellent job at social media marketing. Posting great videos and testimonials on their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can even join a program to help them promote the product, and you make a commission from each sale.

This can be a great way to push a product, unfortunately, many people do and say whatever it takes to make a sale, so you have to watch out for exaggerating marketers.  

Detox Organics Blend

When glancing at Detox Organics you may think that this is a meal replacement, but it’s definitely not. This powder should be consumed daily, and incorporated into your already healthy diet.

In each scoop of Detox Organics there is 13 grams of powder. This USDA organic certified powder also has 50 calories per serving, and includes 25 superfoods.

Here’s where things get suspicious…

13 grams is a pretty good amount of nutrients, but the farther you dig, you realize that only 8 grams of the 13 are active ingredients. 

This means that the 25 superfoods are slammed into 8 grams of powder. Ultimately, the amount of superfoods in each serving is low, and the other 5 grams is either flavoring or filler.

There are 3 different proprietary blends that make up Detox Organics:

Organic Primal Grass Blend: 3.6 grams

Alkalizing Blend: 2.5 grams

Detoxifying Blend: 1.7 grams

The plus side to this product is that Detox Organics chose to only use organic ingredients, which is a big deal for those who are gluten intolerant. 

Detox Organics: Organic Ingredients

  • Organic wheatgrass powder
  • Organic barley grass powder
  • Organic alfalfa leaf powder
  • Organic chlorella cracked cell wall powder
  • Organic horseradish tree leaf powder
  • Organic peppermint leaf powder
  • Organic spinach leaf powder
  • Organic spirulina powder
  • Organic kale leaf powder
  • Organic broccoli powder
  • Organic coconut water complex
  • Organic kelp powder
  • Organic carrot root powder
  • Organic beet root powder
  • Organic dandelion root powder
  • Organic fennel seed powder
  • Organic ginger root powder
  • Organic lemon balm leaf powder
  • Organic turmeric root powder
  • Organic aloe vera leaf powder
  • Organic pineapple fruit powder
  • Organic acai berry powder
  • Organic goji berry powder
  • Organic cayenne pepper spice pods powder
  • Organic stevia leaf powder

How Does It Taste?

When I first mixed my scoop of Detox Organics into a cold glass of water, it looked similar to your everyday chocolate drink. This was great, considering I love chocolatey drinks. I should also mention that it was pretty easy to mix as well.

The first sip was sweet, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I loved the taste. For most, tasting grassy drinks isn’t a big deal, but for me, I like something with flavor, and Detox Organics has it. 

Detox Organics even stands behind their taste, saying that their customers will actually enjoy drinking their greens everyday. Beyond that, there are no added sugars or sweeteners to boost the taste or smell.

Detox Organics Benefits

Detox Organics claims that their green drink has a variety of benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular benefits you could experience when taking Detox Organics.

Eliminating Toxins in Your Body

Everyday your body is detoxifying itself, by taking Detox Organics daily, you help your body remove those harmful toxins. Beyond that, it can help to support your overall vitality and wellness.

Mood Enhancement

Even though studies have shown that green powders can improve your mood, with all of the ingredients in each powder, it’s hard to say which ingredients are most effective, without more research being done.

What we can say; from all of the reviews that we’ve read from customers, they seem to have significant improvements to their mood.

Boosts of Energy

Because Detox Organics is stuffed with micronutrients, phytonutrients, and flavonoids it’s easy for this daily green drink to increase your energy. Fruits and vegetables are a great way to boost your energy, and with Detox Organics you get plenty of that.

Detox Organics Pricing

The price of one tub, which is 30 servings, will cost you $75. If you buy in bulk, there are discounts available for the purchase of 6 months or more. They also have a subscribe and save program that you can join in order to get further discounts.

To me, this seems a little expensive, especially when we really don’t know the amount of superfood ingredients we’re actually getting in each serving. The servings break down to about $2 each.

I have personally been using Kylea, which is about $3.30 per serving but you get 40 grams of superfoods opposed to 8 grams in Detox Organics. 


  • All ingredients are certified organic
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Includes Algae, Grasses, Land and Sea Vegetables in their superfood section
  • Tastes Great


  • Expensive: $2.50 a serving is high for 8 grams of nutrition
  • Not a huge variety of superfoods 
  • No ingredient amount listed

Final Thoughts

Is Detox Organics right for you? 

No one wants to spend money on juicing equipment and vegetables constantly. Detox Organics is great for those looking to boost their energy, eliminate toxins, and becoming a healthier version of themselves without having to make a mess in their kitchen.

Detox Organics is low in calories, tastes great, and uses all organic ingredients. If you don’t mind the expensive price, then we recommend you try Detox Organics for yourself.

If you have any questions, or would like to let us know how Detox Organics worked for you, please leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading!

If you are looking for a little more bang for your buck, then check out Kylea Health, which is our top rated superfood green drink right now!

We are often compensated for many of our reviews.