MacroLife Miracle Reds Review

MacroLife Miracle Reds Review

Miracle Reds is a potent berry superfood drink that contains a wealth of healthy, powerful ingredients. Macro Life hangs their hat on superfood content in Miracle Reds, but it should be noted the product’s ingredients reach far beyond just berries.

You can expect antioxidants and probiotics and even some fibers with Miracle Reds. MacroLife Naturals products are always vegan and organic in the most reliable sense.

My Miracle Reds review will look at the overall value of the product, which includes their rather diversified pricing model. Is Miracle Reds the right solution for you?
Let’s find out.


Product Name: Miracle Reds

Company Name: MacroLife Naturals


Owner(s): Sylvia Ortiz and chiropractor Dr. Edward Wagner

Sylvia Ortiz and chiropractor Dr. Edward Wagner

Sylvia Ortiz and Dr. Edward Wagner, founders of MacroLife Naturals, pictured above.

Product Description: berry superfood drink

Price: $11.95 – $99.95  (size dependent)

Below is MacroLife Naturals’ marketing video that goes over their company.


Miracle Reds includes healthy servings of superfood berries, probiotics, fibers and more.


Superfood Proprietary Blend

This blend contains 2525 mg of the following superfood ingredients.

Organic Cherry Fruit Powder

Cherry not only adds a powerful “berry-like” taste to Miracle Reds, but it is also known to help people with arthritis and improve memory. I like this addition because many big brand berry superfood drinks don’t have cherry in their ingredients.

Organic Blackberry Fruit Powder


Blackberries are powerful antioxidants.

There is no question that blackberries are some of the healthiest berries on earth. They are anti-cancer and host a number of B vitamins. While many people don’t enjoy their sometimes bitter taste, Miracle Reds berry diversity does a great job covering it up.

Organic Carrot Rhizome Powder

Raw carrots aren’t only great for the eyes, but they have also been shown by science to improve mental clarity. In other words, carrots are outstanding for the brain.

Organic Papaya Fruit Powder

Weight loss, enhanced immunity, and even the easing of menstrual symptoms in women, are all benefits of taking papaya. Again, this powerful superfood is often passed over by big brand superfood manufacturers. Nice to see it in Miracle Reds.

Organic Blueberry Fruit Powder

Get your folate, vitamin B6 and phytonutrients when you ingest blueberries. To boot, they taste really wonderful. Unfortunately, too many Americans only get their blueberries in muffins!


Another unique, yet stellar addition by MacroLife Naturals. The boysenberry is a superfood in every sense of the word. This is one of nature’s supreme antioxidants and its known to help vastly improve brain health. In fact, people with alzheimers often eat boysenberries to help their brain’s health.

Organic Elderberry Powder

One of the worlds most prominent natural flu cures, the elderberry is a fascinating superfood that’s well-known cure-all properties are often overlooked by superfood drink manufacturers. But not by Miracle Reds, who once again includes a potent, rarely utilized superfood.


Probiotics are expensive. For this reason, whenever a superfood drink manufacturer includes them, its a huge win for the consumer, pending they don’t price the consumer out of the drink (see our value assessment below for those details). Miracle Reds contains 1 billion probiotic bacterias, all of which are non-dairy (another big win for the consumer).

Probiotics help not only digestive health but brain health. People with healthy bacteria levels in their stomachs tend to suffer less from anxiety and depression.

Antioxidant Blend

Here’s the deal: Miracle Reds is loaded with antioxidants before we even hit this section. The fact is, berries are potent superfoods due to their innate antioxidant content. So the fact that Miracle Reds utilizes ingredients such as Acerola, Lycium, and pomegranate as additional antioxidant firepower is stellar stuff on the part of the manufacturer.

Antioxidants are some of the healthiest human ingredients we know of. You certainly get your fill when you use Miracle Reds.


To me, fiber in superfood drinks is an often understated value. Fiber helps to satiate the appetite, which certainly helps propel weight loss. But its also really great for the digestive system and it naturally helps to stave off things like colon cancer.

Apple Pectin and Oat Bet-Glucan soluble fibers are used in Miracle Reds.

Adaptogenic / Metabolic Herbs Blend

So this blend is just, well, weird. The terms adaptogenic and metabolic herbs might be misused somewhat here. Yes, raspberry and apricot and turmeric are all known to help with metabolic issues, but I’m really not seeing the “adaptogenic” aspect at all. I’m sure there are technical reasons which allow them to label this blend as such, but its not really a worthy blend in that sense. Adaptogens are herbs such as rhodiola rosea and ginseng, neither of which are present in Miracle Reds.

Not a fan of the marketing here.

Check out the full Miracle Reds ingredient label below.

MacroLife Miracle Reds ingredients


It taste as berry as you’d expect a superfood drink loaded with berries to taste. Imagine that! It mixes in water perfectly. If you buy the small packets (see below), you can easily take them with you to work and not make any powdery messes.


The value of Miracle Reds is both outstanding as much as it is confusing. Miracle Reds offers a number of different container sizes for the customer’s convenience, but there are different value assessments on each. Before we get into this, just know that each serving is 9.5 grams which are really, really good.

The smallest container is 2 ounces. You get 6 servings of Miracle Reds, so six days. It cost $11.95, which means you are around the $2 per serving mark. They offer a 12 packet box, which is 12 servings total. You will pay $24.95 for this, which again, lands you at the $2 per serving mark. Both of these are good options for someone who maybe just wants to try the product out before making a longer-term commitment. But you pay more, as you will see from the below-serving values.

The 10-ounce container has 30 servings for $42.95, which lands you at the $1.42 per serving price point. The 20-ounce container has 60 servings for $59.95, that’s now in the $1 price point area. But don’t blink, because the 30-ounce container cost $99.95 for 90 servings, which is up .10 cents her serving from the 20-ounce container (say what?). It’s a little weird that the price doesn’t further drop, but not a big deal.

This is great value, honestly.



  • Lots of powerful, unique superfoods like boysenberry
  • The price point in terms of value per serving is a winner
  • MacroLife Naturals includes several package sizes for convenience
  • Strong on vegan probiotics
  • Decent fiber blend


  • Adaptogenic blend is really misleading
  • Not to be considered a meal replacement drink


For a non-meal-replacement formula, Miracle Reds is a winner. As I’ve broken down in my Miracle Reds review, the ingredients are really diversified and the serving sizes are strong. The value per serving passes our test with flying colors. It tastes spectacular. They offer a number of different container sizes. You can’t go wrong with Miracle Reds.