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A fact-based Macro Greens Superfood Review

Macro Greens Superfood by MacroLife Naturals (MGS) is a very well rounded green superfood drink formula containing a total of 38 ingredients. Founded in 1998, it is a well-established company with a quality product line ranging from superfood powders, children’s superfood powders, superfood bars and more. This Macro Greens Superfood review will focus on the superfoods, potencies, taste and overall value of the product.


Product Name: Macro Greens Superfood

Company Name: Macro Life Naturals


Owner(s): J.R. Ortiz

Product Description: Plant-based, green drink powder

Price: $42.95 (30 Servings)

Rating: 9.0 out of 10


Macro Greens Superfood as an excellent superfood panels that include the following main ingredients:

Organic Barley Grass juice powder, organic spirulina powder, chlorella (cracked cell –better for digestion), Spinach, Acerola, Green Tea, Apple Pectin, Apple Fruit Powder (for flavor no doubt), Flaxseed, Carrot, Dulse and more.

There label breaks down the superfoods in various categories that is convenient for people like us. Unlike most green drink powders, MGS does give us the potencies of some of the ingredients but not all of them.

We love that two of the main superfoods in terms of potencies are organic juice powders, barley grass and spirulina. We also love their adaptogens with almost 11 ingredients at almost 3 grams which are intended as metabolic enhancers and immune support.

Overall, this is an impressive superfood panel.




The nutritional section of our reviews are dedicated to the “other” components of a green drink powder outside of the classic superfood vegetables, grasses and algae.

Macro Greens Superfood shines in this area. It contains 18 billion units of probiotics which shoots it right up near the top tier for green drinks we’ve reviewed. Probiotics are so important to take on a daily basis we are pleased that they were not forgotten in this formula.

Additionally, digestive enzymes are critically important and MGS contains 200 mg of the four main enzymes… protease, cellulase, amylase and lipase.

The antioxidant section of MGS is also impressive with almost a gram and a half of the more well-known immune boosting, free-radical fighting antioxidants, such as acerola, green tea, grapeseed, and bioflavonoids.

There’s also additional fiber in the form of apple pectin and flax seed (also tremendous source of the omega fatty acids).

Lastly, MGS has 1.5 grams of another 8 supporting herbs that are beneficial to the body in a variety of ways.

Much like the superfood section, the additional nutrition that it provides is thoughtful and extensive.

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Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) of has Macro Greens Superfood in an exclusive group of the “best-tasting superfood green drinks” in the marketplace. We don’t disagree.

There’s something fruity about the taste of the product and it does a very good job of covering up the swampy taste of the algae… typically spirulina is the cause of green drinks tasting like pond water.

This is indeed one of the better tasting green drinks we’ve experienced and we’ve tried enough where this statement means something.

For anyone who struggles with the taste of green drink powders, try mixing them along with fresh fruit, organic yogurt and organic juices to make a health smoothie. These smoothies are also a good tool to lose or maintain weight.



So let’s break down the value of Macro Greens Superfood. This is not an exact science because like snowflakes and people, every green drink powder is remarkably unique. The cost-per-gram or even cost-per-serving doesn’t always tell the whole story. It’s what makes up the “gram” that’s important.

MGS is 9.4 grams per serving and if you purchase the 30 serving canister it will cost you $42.95. This breaks down to $1.43 per serving which is a decent cost considering the well-rounded formula. The cost-per-gram for the 30-day serving is $.15 per gram… a little higher than some similar products but certainly competitive.

If you purchase the 90-serving/850-gram canister, the cost-per-serving shrinks to $1.11 and the cost-per-gram is around $.12.

At almost 10 grams of nutrition per serving, with the selection of high-quality superfoods –some being juice extracts and certified organic, with the probiotics and enzymes –and with a cost per serving between $1.11 – $1.43, the value of this product is a very good value indeed.




  • Well-rounded, thoughtful superfoods
  • Many of the superfoods are certified organic and are juice extracts
  • Superb probiotics and digestive enzyme panel
  • Tastes exceptional!


  • At slightly under 10 grams per-serving and at $1.43 per-serving, it is a tad bit more expensive than Vitamineral Greens and Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw for example.
  • However, if you purchase the 90-serving canister the value increases dramatically.


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Macro Greens Superfood is an excellent green drink powder made by a respected company that produces a fine product line.

Their greens formula is thoughtful and well balanced and covers all the nutritional bases… and it tastes remarkably good considering what’s in it.

It may be a shade more expensive than its two closest competitors but really this is negligible and easily fixed if you purchase the 90-serving canister.

Our final word… Macro Greens Superfood is in the top-tier of our recommended green drink powders. Hopefully, this honest review of Macro Greens Superfood has been helpful.

OVERALL RATING: 9.0 out of 10

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