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Fermented Green Supremefood Review

UPDATE: Recently the product name has changed from Living Green Supreme Food to Fermented Green Supreme Food

Fermented Green Supreme Food (FGSF) is a green drink powder manufactured by Divine Health and doctor-formulated by Dr. Don Colbert. Dr. Colbert is often seen on television and Divine Health has an extensive, high-quality product line. Dr. Colbert appears to be a man of integrity and this is reflected in Divine Health’s product line. This Fermented Green Supreme Food review focuses on the ingredients, source of ingredients, cost and overall value of the product.


Product Name: Fermented Green SupremeFood

Company Name: Divine Health


Owner(s): Dr. Don Colbert

Product Description: green superfood drink powder

Price: $28 – $37 (Depending on the quantity ordered)

Rating: 9.3 out of 10

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Fermented Green Supreme Food has a remarkable superfood section. To be honest, when we first got our hands on this product, we looked for the serving size (grams-per-serving). FGSF at just 8 grams per serving (7 grams of superfoods) is unremarkable. We review many green drinks that have 10 grams or more.

But as we really took a hard look at the label, our attitude slowly changed from boredom to admiration.

There are approximately 16 superfoods in the form of grasses, algae, fruits and vegetables. If you include the soluble fiber, each serving provides around 7 grams of total superfoods. Though you’ll find other superfood drinks that have more per serving, in the case of Fermented Green Supreme Food, it’s about quality, not quantity.

FGSF uses all organic ingredients, but more than that, the grasses used are fermented grasses. It is a rare thing to see fermented grasses in green drink powders. Why? Because fermented grasses, and especially organic fermented grasses, are extremely expensive ingredients.

Living Green Supreme Food Certifications

The fermentation of grasses is phenomenally healthy. Essentially, in addition to all the phytonutrients and other nutrients you get from grasses, the fermentation produces healthy bacteria that act very similar to probiotics. What’s more, the fermentation of these grasses releases nutrients and antioxidants within the plant that are not readily available without fermentation. It gets pretty scientific and for you academics, this is a good article about fermentation.

This superfood panel with the grasses, algae, vegetables and awesome selection of organic berries, with the added benefit of them being organic and the grasses being fermented, makes this superfood panel among the best we’ve reviewed.



The nutritional section is devoted to the other ingredients in green drink powders that are not classified as “superfoods”.

Fermented Greens Supreme Food doesn’t disappoint with its additional nutritional components. Let’s break it down:

Fiber – FGSF contains a very solid fiber panel with over 2.4 grams of fiber in the form of heart-healthy flax seed and Acacia Gum. Acacia Gum is not the greatest source of fiber on planet Earth, but it is 80% soluble fiber and will do the job.

Herbs/Botanicals – There are 6 antioxidant-rich herbs in FGSF that are designed for cleansing, natural energy production, and even thermogenic fat-burning. Among these are green tea, rosemary, milk thistle, cinnamon powder, licorice root. All of the herbs are organic.

Probiotics – Remember, the fermented grasses provide probiotics, but additionally, FGSF adds 550 mg of probiotics to the formula making it among the top probiotics panel of any green drink formula we’ve reviewed with the possible exception of Green Vibrance. This is a serious amount of probiotics!

Enzymes – You get the usual digestive enzymes Protease, Amylase, Bromelain, Cellulase, Lactase and Lipase.

The nutritional value of Fermented Greens Supreme Food with the fiber, herbs, enzymes and especially the probiotics is exceptional. Dr. Don Colbert obviously values the friendly bacteria found in the fermentation of grasses and probiotic cultures very highly as evident by his emphasis of them in this formula.

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Taste is a touchy subject with green drink powders. What someone might deem delicious, others might call abhorrent. Personally, I like the taste of a swampy, murky, earthy greens blend. I’ve been consuming them for over 15 years. Other people on our team have varied opinions of powders we review and trying to come to a consensus is more challenging and heated than a homeowner association meeting.

But since I’m in charge, I will give the final verdict of the taste of Fermented Greens Supreme Food. It’s in my opinion, one of the better tasting green drinks I’ve tried and certainly the sweetest. FGSF has a pleasantly sweet taste with a hint of apple and cinnamon. This goes a long way to cover up the strong taste of algae (especially spirulina) that is a deal-breaker to many new to green drinks.

My advice to people who simply can’t handle the taste of high-quality green drink powders is to mix the powder with fresh, organic juices, yogurt and fresh fruit and make a health smoothie. By doing this, you can almost mask the taste of the green drink powders. Also, for those looking to shed some lbs, by adding fruits, juices and maybe even some protein along with a green drink powder, you can create the world’s greatest green drink weight loss smoothie.



Fermented Greens Supreme Food is a very good value for what you are truly getting. As mentioned earlier, at 8 total grams per serving, there are other formulas that have 10-12 grams per serving at a similar price like Green VibranceGarden of Life and All Day Energy Greens.

However, using fermented grasses and all organic ingredients and having 550 mgs of probiotics make these 8 grams something special. It’s impossible to know exactly how much more nutritional benefit you are getting by ingesting the fermented grasses but it’s likely to be a huge difference if you believe the research.

Buying 1 canister of Fermented Foods costs $37 per canister. This is approximately $1.25 per serving and is well worth it to get the quality ingredients. However, purchasing 3 canisters, the price goes down to just $1.07 per serving and purchasing 5 canisters at a time the cost goes down to $.95 a serving which is a steal.


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  • Tremendous superfood panel with 16 quality superfoods
  • All the algae, grasses, herbs, fruits and vegetables are certified organic
  • The fermented foods grasses are a superb characteristic of this product that sets it apart from others
  • 550 grams of Probiotics makes it one of the top probiotic panels we’ve reviewed


  • At 8 grams per serving it is slightly less potent than other green drinks at this price
  • The digestive enzymes contains 100 mg which is a little low
  • It would be nice to know how much of each ingredient is in the formula


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Fermented Greens Supreme Food Customer Reviews

In this section, we wanted to touch on some of the reviews that we’ve read scattered across the internet. Customer reviews can give you an insight on a product before spending your hard earned money. In order to make your buying experience a lot easier, we took to Amazon to find the most popular customer reviews for this greens blend.

Out of 161 customers, 71% gave Fermented Greens 5 stars. Many in which are raving about how this product helps with gut issues due to the digestive enzymes, and can even help to boost energy levels, without giving you that jittery caffeine feeling.

Those who gave this product a low rating all seemed to have problems with the taste. They all could agree that it tastes like grass clippings and they wouldn’t be purchasing again. We should mention, most green drinks aren’t the greatest tasting beverages, it is an acquired taste. If you don’t enjoy the flavor, you can always mix with a flavorful smoothy.


We’ve reviewed some terrific green drinks over the years. Dr. Don Colbert’s Fermented Greens Supreme Food is an impressive formula that stands tall with the best of them. It doesn’t contain the sheer quantity of nutrition as the Total Living Drink Greens or Shakeoloy. It’s a little lower potency to Green Vibrance. It doesn’t contain the quantity of ingredients as Vitamineral Green or Garden of Life. But what it does contain are thoughtful ingredients and proven superfoods.

Dr. Colbert is a big believer in friendly bacteria and the nutritional benefits of organic, fermented grasses. This is evident in the thoughtful make-up of his product and the emphasis on added probiotics.

The price point is entirely legitimate for what you are getting and the taste is as agreeable as its closest competitors.

Simply put, we love this green drink formula.

OVERALL Rating: 9.3 out of 10

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