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Life Force Body Balance Review

Life Force Body Balance is a liquid nutritional drink made up of Aloe Vera and nine sea vegetables. Life Force International is a multi-level marketing company that carries a variety of nutritional supplements. This Life Force Body Balance Review examines the ingredients, the nutritional value and the cost to determine its overall value.


Product Name: Body Balance

Company Name: Life Force International

Website: www.lifeforce.net

Owner(s): Wayne and Gerri Hillman?

Product Description: Liquid superfood drinks using Aloe Vera and sea vegetables.

Price: $29.95 (32 oz. bottle)

Rating: 3.3 out of 10


Life Force Body Balance is a liquid nutritional drink that basically contains 9 sea vegetables and Aloe Vera extract. The amounts of each ingredient are vague.

The “key” ingredients of Life Force Body Balance are:

Sea Lettuce, Irish Moss, Bladder Wrack, Kombu, Dabber Locks, Norwegian Kelp, Gigarthia Chamissoi, Dulse, Nori, Liquid Aloe Vera.

There is nothing wrong with these ingredients. With the exception of Aloe Vera, all of the ingredients are seaweeds, sea vegetables and kelp. Life Force Body Balance combines these in a proprietary blend and call it SeaNine®. Catchy, huh?

That’s all you get folks. That’s the entire formula. Life Force Body Balance claims that you get 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds by marrying Aloe Vera and SeaNine®.

There’s just not a whole lot of superfoods in this formula –certainly when compared to other products reviewed on this site such as Living Green Supreme Food.




As mentioned in the superfoods section, the entire formula of Life Force Body Balance appears to be the sea vegetables and Aloe Vera. No probiotics, herbs, enzymes, added vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, etc. This is a one-dimensional product and relies on the “magic” that is created by the synergistic pairing of the sea vegetables and Aloe Vera.



I admit it. I have not tasted Life Force Body Balance. Why? I try every product I review with very few exceptions. I’ve not tried it for a couple of reasons. First, I spent some quality time on the company’s website and on many of their distributor’s websites. Fairly quickly I realized that this product is what I refer to as a “market-driven” product and I felt I could write a review based on the ingredients. “Market-Driven” means it is created with the intention of meeting a marketing demand. “Health-Driven” products by contrast, are those created with the intention of specifically creating therapeutic and healing benefits to the body.

Secondly, Life Force International is a multi-level marketing company and for me to purchase the product would mean that I would have to contact a distributor and quite frankly, I didn’t want to deal with the hassle. Sorry. I’ve been a distributor for MLM’s, worked corporately for a MLM company and have a lot of friends who are MLM distributors. I’ve nothing against them, but I did not want to get pitched about a money-making opportunity.



Bear with me for a minute… Multi-Level Marketing companies are unique in that they take their customers and turn them into their sales force. It’s quite ingenious really. What happens is that someone learns about a product or service from a friend or acquaintance, often under false pretenses, and often at an awkward meeting at Starbucks or Denny’s. The idea here is to get the friend to order the product or service and then join the company as a distributor, and then recruit their friends too. Let’s say I recruit Fred and he becomes a first-tier distributor in my organization. Fred recruits Bethany and she becomes a second-tier distributor in my organization, and so on and so on. I make commissions not only all of Fred’s activity but also on Bethany’s and whoever Bethany brings in and who they bring in.

So this is a product review, why am I talking about this? My point is to give you insight into the business model of a MLM company so that you understand how this impacts the products they make. A MLM company needs to make a very cheap product, promote the hell out of it and attach extraordinary claims to it, and then price it just as high as they possibly can. Why? They have to. Remember, they have to pay numerous tiers of commissions to distributors on every bottle they sell.

Understanding that they can’t have a product that is identical to what someone could easily purchase at a store or on a website, they have to make it “proprietary”, and this is where it gets silly. I’ve heard it all… from a secret plant found in the Amazon where the indigenous people who had the good fortune of incorporating into their diet were living to be 115 years old, to a desert plant whose miraculous juice heals the entire body, to a powder drink that would change your pH-balance to the point where no disease could ever live in your body.

The distorted truths and hyperbole are designed to get the distributors fired up so they can recruit, recruit, recruit. People want to make money so badly that they pay the ridiculous, mandatory monthly auto-ship prices so that they can qualify to receive commissions.

All this to say, from a health-perspective, there’s just not a lot of value in Life Force Body Balance. Their “marketing spin” is the miraculous, proprietary SeaNine® and Aloe Vera which is present in almost all the superfood green drinks I review.

One 32-ounce bottle of Life Force Body Balance is $29.95. If you truly want to experience health benefits of a superfood drink in this price range, check out Living Green Supreme Food or Garden of Life.




  • Sea vegetables and Aloe Vera are tremendous superfoods.


  • Market-driven product that is more hype then substance.


In my opinion, there are far better options than Life Force Body Balance. I did not want to review this product but felt obligated because of so many reader requests. I’m certain I’ll get a lot of very pointed emails from Life Force distributors.

One final word… because Life Force Body Balance is a product of a MLM company, when you do research on their products, you will have to sift through hundreds of websites that are created by Life Force distributors. Just keep that in mind when you’re trying to get at the facts. I hope this Life Force Body Balance Review was helpful and I welcome feedback.

SFD OVERALL RATING: 3.3 out of 10

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