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It Works Greens Review


It Works Greens

It Works Greens is a greens-based superfood powder. The following It Works Greens review will take a close look at this formula to determine its value and effectiveness. According to the manufacturer’s website, It Works Greens boasts the following benefits:

  • Promote a healthy pH balance by alkalizing the body
  • Natural Detoxify the body
  • Support digestive health with probiotics
  • Antioxidants to fight free radical activity
  • Multiple servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving


Product Name: It Works Greens

Company Name: It Works


Product Description: Superfood Green Drink Powder with Probiotics

Price: $35 for a 1-month supply

Rating: 3.8 out of 10


The entire It Works Greens formula is broken down into two “Proprietary Blend” sections. The first section contains a list of approximately 22 different ingredients for a total amount of 2,231 mg (2.2 grams), including green tea extract).


Apparently It Works Greens changed the formula. Currently the label for both the “berry” and the “orange” have two sections… “Greens” and “Whole Foods”. The “Greens” section contains 1080 mg and the “Whole Foods” section contains 1475 mg for a total of approximately 2.5 grams of total nutrition per serving. Oddly, the label claims that each serving (2 level scoops) is 4 grams per serving, which begs the question… what is the other 1.5 grams?

The second section contains a list of another approximately 28 ingredients for a total amount of 330 mg.

There are a number of concerns we have with this formula.

The first major red flag is that the first two ingredients listed under the first proprietary blend section is Soy Lecithin and Soy Protein isolate. We were shocked to see that Soy Lecithin is not only in the product but it is the first ingredient listed. (Meaning the product contains more Soy Lecithin than any other ingredient.)

10/2016 – Soy Lecithin was removed from the new formula. (Or it was removed from the label.) Is this soy free?

Soy Lecithin is a food additive. It is primarily used as a cheap filler. Is it bad for you? Look, we could write pages and pages about the debate as to whether soy lecithin is healthy or unhealthy. There are a lot of academic articles that go back and forth regarding the side effects of soy and soy lecithin.

But more to the point, the total amount of nutrition in one serving of It Works Greens is 4 grams, which is among the lowest potent green drinks we have reviewed on this site. And the leading ingredient is cheap filler?! The same filler used in commercial food products such as Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies for example. And what percentage of the total formula does this ingredient contribute? We have no idea but it’s the first ingredient listed which means it’s significant.

Another huge concern with It Works Greens is that it appears that there are over 40 total ingredients and the total potency of nutrition per serving is 4 grams. That means that most of the ingredients in the product are so low in terms of potency that they have very little health impact to the body. The only value is having the name of the ingredient on the label for marketing purposes.

Think about this… the second “proprietary blend” section contains 28 ingredients. The total amount of these ingredients combined is 330 mg per serving. That means that the average amount per serving of each of these ingredients is a paltry 12 mg!


Though the new formula has two sections labeled “Greens” and “Whole Foods” and the “Greens” is 1080 mg and the “Whole Foods” is 1475 mg, the same concern applies.

The It Works Greens website claims that there are “52 herbs and superfoods and 34 fruits and veggies” in each serving, including green tea. The total amount of these that appear on the label is a paltry 2.5 grams. We refer to this as “label stacking” -putting numerous ingredients in the formula in very small amounts so that they can appear on the label. The reality is that they are in such small amounts that they’ll have very little impact on the body.

Let’s use some good old-fashioned common sense here… Do you really think that 12 mg of broccoli is going to have any type of health impact on the body? Think about it like this… one gram is approximately .2 teaspoons. 12 milligrams is .012 of a gram. So the amount of broccoli you would be ingesting in each serving of It Works Greens would be like pinching off the smallest, tiniest leaf of a broccoli flower.

It Works Greens superfood section is dramatically underachieving because it uses a cheap food filler as the main ingredient and the overall potency of the ingredients is the lowest we’ve ever seen.




The nutritional panel of our reviews is devoted to the ingredients that are not directly categorized as superfoods, for instance, protein, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, etc.

It Works Greens does contain some herbs and antioxidants, but as mentioned above, the amount of these ingredients are so hopelessly low, that they really won’t have much impact on the body.

It Works Greens also claims on their website that they have probiotics in the product. If it does, it’s not listed on the label.

Another weird label inconsistency is that the product claims to have 4 grams per serving but the combined ingredients (2,231 mg and 330 mg) add up to just over 2.5 grams. Where’s the other 1.5 grams?

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It Works Greens Ingredients Supplement Facts



Like many other reviews for It Works Greens say, it tastes pretty good. We tried the orange flavor and had no problem with taste or texture. But keep in mind that they use soy lecithin as a food filler, the same ingredient used in commercial cookies and thousands of other processed foods.

In addition, there are very little real superfoods in the product in any significant amount so it’s not like there’s a lot to try and overcome in terms of taste.



Taking the quality and potencies of the ingredients and comparing them to the price of the product determine value. After reviewing dozens of dozens of products over the years, determining if a product delivers good value for the money becomes second nature.

It Works Greens is 4 grams per serving (apparently) and costs $35 for a 1-month supply. This breaks down to $1.16 per serving for 4 grams. In our opinion, this is not a very good value at all.

10/2016: It’s now $33 for a 1-month supply or $1.10 per serving.

Consider Green Vibrance… 12 grams of high-quality superfoods cost $1.67 per serving. You get 3-times the nutrition as It Works Greens for only $.50 more per serving.

Or consider Total Living Drink Greens, our #1 reviewed superfood drink. You get 10-times the total nutrition (40 grams per serving compared to 4 grams) than It Works Greens for just over $3.00 per serving.



We get asked a lot about the side effects of green drinks. There shouldn’t be any side effects of It Works Greens unless you have an allergy to soy. They do use Non-GMO ingredients according to their website, but if you have allergies or sensitivities to soy, we would recommend avoiding this product altogether.



  • Tastes good
  • Good amount of fruits and veggies
  • Contains Magnesium and Potassium


  • Very low potent formula
  • Uses Soy Lecithin, a common food filler, as its main ingredient
  • The incredibly low amounts per serving of the nutrient rich superfoods, antioxidants and herbs make them almost useless
  • Extremely overpriced for what you are getting.



We make sure our mission statement is to deliver fact-based and objective information about superfood drinks in order to educate the consumer so that they can choose the best product for their needs.

Sometimes, we need to be honest about a product that we don’t feel is a good value. This is the case with It Works Greens. It appears that the company is a multi-level marketing company and as is so often the case with these marketing models, because so much is paid to its distributors, the product quality suffers. That’s not to say that MLM’s are bad. They’re not. Beach Body is a multi-level-marketing company and makes a product called Shakeology which is one of the best green drinks in existence.

The bottom line is It Works Greens is a cheaper, lower-quality product that is overpriced for what you are ingesting. There are much better options with herbs and nutrient rich superfoods in our opinion. Make sure you do your research!

OVERALL RATING: 3.8 out of 10

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