Superfood Green Drinks are becoming more and more popular each day. The challenge is trying to keep up with all the new products that are being introduced seemingly daily.

Our readers frequently ask us how we go about doing our reviews, and it’s a good question. Why should you trust us?

We pride ourselves on writing fact-based, unbiased product reviews. Here’s our methodology.

The Label Never Lies

The most important consideration in reviewing a product is the ingredients and Supplement Facts. The label never lies. We can see the ingredients, the potencies and determine fairly quickly a good product versus a bad one.

How Does the Product Taste?

For most people, taste is critically important in choosing a green drink. The #1 reason why people stop taking a green drink is because they don’t like the taste. We place a lot of emphasis on taste for this reason.

You could purchase the world’s healthiest green drink but if it tastes like a combination of grass, swamp scum and horse urine, it’s going to sit on your pantry shelf and collect dust.

Is the Product a Good Value?

Though not always an exact science because every green drink is unique, we can determine if a product is a good value by looking at the quality, quantity and potencies of the ingredients and comparing this with the cost per serving.

Some green powder drinks will have ancillary ingredients like protein, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, herbs in addition to the superfoods, and we take this all into consideration when determining value.

Our Personal Experience

It is our intention to try every green drink product we review but not always possible. When we don’t try it ourselves we can still provide accurate information about the ingredients because the information is on the Supplement Facts.

As far as taste, when we haven’t tried it, we scour the internet and find what other people are saying about the taste of the product. We look at the product website’s own reviews, Amazon, other third party reviews, etc.

The Questions We Ask When Reviewing a Product


“Does the superfood section contain a comprehensive blend of land vegetables, grasses, sea vegetables, algae, fruits and berries?”

“What is the source of the superfood ingredients?”

(We much prefer juice extracts instead of vegetable powders because there is a significant higher amount of phytonutrients in juice extracts.)

“Are the superfoods organic?”

(Non-organic is not always a deal-breaker, especially if the source are juice extracts.)

Other Ingredients

“Does the product have other important nutritional components such as probiotics, enzymes, herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals?” 

(Most high-quality green drinks will have these because it covers more areas of nutrition and aids in the utilization and absorption of the superfood ingredients.)


“Does the product taste good if mixed in water?”

“Does the product taste good if mixed in juices or smoothies?”

“Does the product have a good texture and mix well?”


“Does the cost per serving make sense with the quality, quantity and potencies of ingredients?”


We feel honored that people trust our product reviews in making a decision about choosing a superfood green drink. We take seriously the information we provide.

Sometimes we make mistakes and are quick to correct them.

We love to get feedback from our visitors even when it’s to tell us that we are numbskulls. Hey, sometimes we deserve it.[hr]

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