There’s a lot of buzz about Green Tea. It seems to be a media sensation. Whether it’s Dr. Oz talking about a green tea drink for weight loss or Men’s Health or Channel 2 news, green tea is enjoying a lot of attention. What’s all the buzz about anyway? Let’s look at the health benefits from drinking green tea. I’ve also included a short list of superfood drinks that contain green tea.

Health Benefits Drinking Green Tea

The following are reported health benefits from drinking green tea:

Cancer Prevention – One of the Main Health Benefits from Drinking Green Tea

According to myriad sources, many highly credible like Harvard Health Publications, green tea is reported to help prevent many forms of cancer including breast, lung, bladder, skin and colon. Recently, more studies have shown a link to green tea and lower rates of stomach and throat cancer.

What is it about green tea that can lower cancer risk? Green tea is loaded with flavonoids which are antioxidants. More importantly, green tea contains catechins which are antioxidants that are known to prevent disease and even fight existing disease.

No one has yet to prove that green tea can prevent cancer, but more and more evidence suggests that it is extremely likely.

Heart Disease Prevention

Recent studies have shown that drinking green tea improves blood vessel function almost immediately. It is thought that green tea improves endothelial cell function. This is significant because endothelial cell problems lead to clogged arteries.

Weight Loss

One of the largest contributing factors to the meteoric rise of attention paid to green tea is because of its link to fat-burning and weight loss. According to many sources, including the revered Dr. Oz, green tea drinks stimulate the metabolism to burn fat. That is why almost overnight, we’ve seen green tea extract added to legions of diet pills. The good thing about green tea as a weight loss tool is that it is healthy and natural weight loss as opposed to harsh chemicals and stimulants that are found in most diet pills. This is just one of the many health benefits from drinking green tea.

More evidence coming in suggests that green tea can help in fighting diabetes and can help prevent stroke and dementia.

The bottom line is that green tea is a good idea. Even if only a small percentage of the purported attributes about this Chinese tea are true, it certainly can’t hurt. It’s better to drink green tea than taking the extract in supplements because of absorption. But supplementing with green tea extracts can be tremendously beneficial as well.

The following is a shortlist of superfood drinks that contain green tea:

Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens

Living Fuel Super Greens

All Day Energy Greens

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Greens to Go