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Greens To Go ReviewGreens To Go (GTG) is a superfood drink mix made by a company called Healthy To Go. I’ve also seen this same product called “Go Greens”. The website describes GTG as a way to get 6 servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving. This Greens To Go review will hopefully help to shed some light on this superfood drink product. You definitely want to read this first before buying Greens To Go.


Product Name: Greens To Go (also called Go Greens)

Company Name: Healthy To Go


Owner(s): Unknown

Product Description: Superfood drink mix

Price: $34.95

Rating: 5.3 out of 10

SUPERFOODS – Greens to Go Review

GTG’s superfood panel includes the following superfood ingredients: young barley greens juice, chlorella, cranberry, blueberry, mango, orange, apple, lemon, carrot, spinach, peach, kale, broccoli, tomato, beet, pomegranate and acai.

These are good superfoods. I struggle, however, that the superfoods are in such low potencies, it limits the health impact. For instance, GTG’s label has a category called “Nature’s Garden Blend” containing nine different vegetable superfoods. The total amount per serving of the nine is 702mg -less than three-quarters of a gram.  They claim a serving provides the nutritional equivalent of 6 servings of fruits & vegetables. This simply cannot be achieved by the amount of nutrition in a serving.

SUPERFOODS SCORE: 4.8 out of 10



The nutritional panel of GTG is minimal. They have impressive ingredients listed on the label with a seemingly robust, all-encompassing superfood list and weighty antioxidant panel that includes green tea, blueberry, cranberry, lecithin, aloe vera, etc. These are excellent antioxidants. Again, though they look great on the label, the potencies are limited and the impact on your body would be minimal. especially in light of the fact that there are so many 



GTG tastes very good. It really does. It’s far less challenging to make a good-tasting green drink when you have so little of the ingredients that profoundly affect the taste. That’s just common sense.  Keep in mind that true superfood drinks, that are in the same “mid-range” category, like Athletic Greens contain nearly 3 times the amount of powder per serving. 

When you have this much raw produce like broccoli, kale, spinach and wheatgrass, not to mention the algae, it is daunting to make it taste “good” without seriously compromising the efficacy of the product. When you have less than 4 grams of fruits and vegetables per serving, adding just a little stevia or other natural sweetener will dominate the flavor and easily overcome the poignant taste of produce. But, taste is taste and GTG is tasty.

TASTE SCORE: 9 out of 10


Greens To Go is not a tremendous value in my opinion. For $34.95 you get 30 packets that supposedly each contain 2 servings. So that breaks down to just $.58 per serving. Not bad huh? Except that you would need 12 servings to get anywhere close to the nutrient-content of just one serving of the top-rate products on this site, and even then be missing out on thing like enzymes, protein, probiotics, and more. At, $34.95, there are many better options for your money. 

VALUE SCORE: 3 out of 10



  • Tastes good


  • Very little potencies to truly make a healthy impact
  • At $34.95, there are higher-quality options at a much better value


Greens to Go is a product that is made for the mass-market. (Compare it to Centrum in the one-a-day multivitamin market.) It is a market-driven product that loads the label with a lot of well-known and credible ingredients, but the potencies are limited and the overall health benefits are limited.

My advice is to choose another higher-rated products on this sites and other superfood drink review sites. You can get a better product, reap more health benefits and enjoy far better value.

SFD OVERALL RATING: 5.3 out of 10

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