greenergyproductEnergy First Greenergy Superfood pitches itself as a drink that can “boost your energy and immunity today.” Seeing I’ve never met anyone who isn’t in the market for an “energy and immunity boost,” I’d say that Energy First Greenergy Superfood’s pitch is pretty solid.

But is the product solid? Can it live up to its own slogan?

During our Energy First Greenergy review, we found the answer to that and many more questions to be “kind of.” And that’s never a great thing. But, that doesn’t mean that Greenergy superfood powder isn’t for you as it does have some redeeming qualities.

So let’s get to it, shall we?


Product Name: EnergyFirst Greenergy
Company Name: Energy First
Owner(s): Unknown
Product Description: Greens superfood drink powder
Price: $34.99


Greenergy is an average green drink that, when compared to its competition, falls into a substandard quality ranking.

The first major issue we find is that Greenergy doesn’t disclose all of its nutrients on the label. And as one of our former Presidents once stated, this causes some “fuzzy math” to occur. Here is the label divided up into three main categories, alongside their serving sizes.

Proprietary Greens and Herbal Blend – 2.83 grams

Proprietary Digestive and Immunity Blend – 1.38 grams

Proprietary Energy Blend – 373mg

The issue? The manufacturer pitches the total serving size for Greenergy as 9 grams, but the math comes out to less than 5 grams. This confusion is exactly the kind of thing that got people killed in the movie, Scarface.

Now, there might be other superfood ingredients, however, seeing they list their label as having some “proprietary ingredients,” we wouldn’t know. When it comes to quality superfood ingredients, there is hardly a reason in the world not to tell us what they are unless the ingredients are subpar fillers. Secret ingredients simply don’t work for me; I like to know what I’m putting into my body. McDonald’s got away with it for years with the Big Mac, but then we all found out the “special proprietary sauce” was just 1000 Island dressing. The “secret ingredient” gig has been up ever since.

By the way, Big Macs are bad for you.

Greenergy’s ingredients include spirulina and alfalfa; both are wonderful, bountifully healthy greens. Greenergy also has some green tea, ginkgo Biloba, and Echinacea. The manufacturer claims you get 30 potent green foods. Overall, Energy First Greenergy has pretty solid value when we don’t take into account the proprietary secret ingredient issue.

The manufacturer also makes the claim that Energy First Greenergy’s ingredients aren’t exposed to pesticides. It also contains a number of phytonutrients which possess anti-cancer properties. It doesn’t use soy, gluten, GMO’s or artificial sugars.

Here’s the full, Greenergy ingredient label:



Earthy, grassy: about what you’d expect from a green drink that possesses very few fruits. You sort of expect this with any green drink, though, so I’m not sure this takes away from Energy First Greenergy’s goodness. Healthy greens just taste earthy; you can’t solve that away unless you add some sugar.


Our Energy First Greenergy review found that you pay about a $1 per serving. While many other green superfood drinks can cost roughly $3, they also have at least four times the nutrition. Again, the “fuzzy math” comes to play here. But that doesn’t mean Greenergy isn’t good value; it just means the value is relative based on cost versus volume of nutrition.



  • High volume of green ingredients
  • The serving value is good
  • Probiotics and digestive enzymes are nice additions to the ingredients


  • Proprietary label that hides ingredients
  • Due to label “secrets,” the serving sizes should be taken with a grain of salt


Energy First Greenergy, is, at best, an average superfood green drink. The serving size value is decent, but the hidden ingredients cause me to wonder what the heck else is in it? I’m not big on putting anything into my body that I am not sure what is in it.

The additional probiotics and gut enzymes are a great addition to anyone’s health profile. The product’s price of just at $35 isn’t a bad deal. The taste isn’t horrible.

You can buy Energy First Greenergy here.

You can watch a guy who says he loves it here (this is on the manfacturer’s website, so grains of salt, my friends).