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Emerald Balance is a superfood green drink powder made by a company called SGN Nutrition. It is a well-rounded blend of superfoods, antioxidants, fiber, immune support herbs and probiotics. The following Emerald Balance review will take an in depth look at this product and determine its overall effectiveness and value.


Product Name: Emerald Balance

Company Name: SGN Nutrition


Owner(s): Jan Lovejoy

Product Description: green powder drink, herbal, vitamin and mineral product.

Price: $38.95

Rating: 9.0 out of 10


The superfood section of Emerald Balance is just under 3 grams of the following ingredients: Barley juice (organic), Spirulina, Parsley juice, Watercress juice, Carrot juice, cracked-cell Chlorella, Beet root juice (organic). This is a moderately potent blend of some of the most popular superfood ingredients and we appreciate the fact that most of them are juice sources rather than just vegetable powder.

In addition to the 2880 mgs of superfoods, Emerald Balance also has an antioxidant section that is comprised of many other classic superfood ingredients for a total of 2452 mgs. The superfoods in this antioxidant section are Raspberry, Aloe Vera, Acerola, Blueberry, Pineapple, Orange, Grape Seed and Green Tea. All of these are in fruit powder form except for the Pineapple and Orange that are in the preferable juice form.

Overall, each serving provides a total of just over 5 grams of superfoods. For this “mid-range” green drink category, this is an impressive amount of superfoods and though only a handful of these ingredients are certified organic, many of them are juice extracts which provide far more phytonutrients than just leaf, fruit or stem powders.




The nutritional part of Emerald Balance focuses on the non-superfood part of the formula, and it is pretty impressive. They have 760 mgs of fiber in the form of Apple Pectin, Rice Bran and Flaxseed (we love Flax Seed because of the omega fatty acids which are often missing in green drinks).

In addition, Emerald Balance has a “cellular support” section that contains 1.7 grams of awesome ingredients including Bamboo stem, Horsetail, Cinnamon, Eleuthero root, Suma root and Ginkgo Biloba. The potencies of this section are significant and not just a “token” amount so the ingredient’s names appear on the label.

Emerald Balance has more ingredients specifically for immune building… Ginger, Royal Jelly (also great for energy), Damiana, Silymarin, Astragaulus and Dulse.

Included also are the important digestive enzymes (Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase.)

And finally, Emerald Balance has an extraordinary probiotics panel with over 700 mgs of the friendly bacteria, making this probiotic panel one of the highest potent in any green drink powder we’ve reviewed.

Overall, Emerald Balance has an excellent well-rounded blend of quality nutrition components above and beyond the superfood section. Impressive.

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Emerald Balance is on the sweeter side of most green drink powders and that is the good news and the bad news. It depends on the individual. Those that are expecting an earthy, swampy taste may be surprised at how sweet it is. Others who dry heave even thinking about the grassy taste of green drink powders may love the taste of Emerald Balance.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if you have problem with the taste of superfood drink powders, simply mix the powder in with organic fruit juices and some fresh fruit and make a health smoothie. You won’t even know you are taking it.



The value of Emerald Balance is exceptional. Our “value formula” is simply taking the total amount of servings per canister, the total grams per serving and the total cost of the product. We look at the cost per serving and measure this with the gram weight per serving and go from there. It’s not always a perfect system but is generally indicative of determining if the product is priced fairly.

Emerald Balance is 9.5 grams per serving and contains 30 servings per canister. This is par for the course in this mid-range category of green drinks. The cost of Emerald Balance is $38.95 that breaks down to $1.30 per serving. Seriously folks, this is an exceptional price per serving for what you are getting in terms of nutrition.

Emerald Balance is a better value than Greens First and BoKu Superfood, two very popular green drinks that are very similar in nature to Emerald Balance. It is very closely compared to Macro Greens in both formula make-up and price. Organifi Green Juice is another comparable formula.


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  • Excellent superfood panel that uses juice powder
  • Loaded with antioxidant ingredients
  • Contains herbs and other ingredients for cellular support and immune building
  • Contains Enzymes
  • Extraordinary probiotics panel with over 700 mgs!


  • Not all the ingredients are certified organic


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At first glance at the label of Emerald Balance we thought yet another 9 gram, run of the mill green drink powder. However, after getting down to the brass tacks we discovered an extremely thoughtful, well-rounded green drink with quality ingredients, and a banging probiotics formula and finally, it’s very well priced at $1.30 per serving.

Bottom line, the 9-10 gram, 30 serving green drink powder is a crowded market. There are so many to choose from and many of them are so similar that it’s tough to choose one. Emerald Balance is a good call for all the reasons this review has covered.

OVERALL RATING: 9.0 out of 10

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