CytoGreens Review | An Introduction

download (32)In today’s CytoGreens review, I take a look at a green superfood powder that’s loaded with value and stacked with consumer praises. But, in contrast to some CytoGreens reviews, I don’t necessarily feel it is a top green superfood drink. I will explain why later in my CytoGreens review, but for now, just know, this stuff is a very good product.

If you feel as though I am forcing you to needlessly read this entire article, you can resolve your angst doing a couple of things:

Visit our top 10 superfood green drink reviews.


Do a Ctrl F for “probiotics missing.”

Let’s get started by looking at who makes CytoGreens.

Product Profile

Product Name: CytoGreens
Company Name: Nova Forme
Product Description: A truly green, nutrient dense superfood powder
Price: $50 for 60 servings (depending on where you choose to purchase)

Nova Forme is a legitimate company that I was unable to find any negative feedback on. They are a popular health supplement company that also sells protein shakes and other quality supplements. They deliver as promised, according to many consumers. I had no issue with them at all. They say you should allow 5 business days for a reply when using their contact form, but my test replies came quicker than that, however, a full 5 days would be a bit much for me.


Spirulina: An excellent source of phytonutrients, vitamins (K2, K1, B12, A, Iron, Chromium), CytoGreens ingredients list the total amount at 1251 mg. That’s a huge amount of spirulina. This is definitely a big win for CytoGreens. 

Chlorella: Many people think of this nutrient as magic due to its detoxification abilities. At 1104 mg, you are getting a serious amount of this stuff. The fact that chlorella rids your body of heavy metals means you can expect amazing skin.

Matcha Green Tea: 1014 mg of matcha green tea is both the blessing and the curse. This means you get a load of antioxidants and catechins. But is also means you get a good amount of caffeine. The caffeine can be wonderful for weight loss and mental focus, but it can also cause anxiety in some who are sensitive. So in this sense, buyer beware.

Pea Protein: Pea protein is an excellent protein for helping muscles not breakdown after intense workouts, this is why you commonly hear of body builders including it into their regimens. This is also great for women who do tend to start losing muscle density into their 30s. (1007 mg)

Organic Alfalfa: A fighter against rheumatoid arthritis and asthma and so much more, alfalfa is a true superfood. Calcium and potassium and lots of other vitamins are present. (872 mg)

Organic Barley Grass: Lots of beta-carotene and folic acid. This is a legit superfood grass. (658 mg)

Organic Spinach: What can anyone say? Spinach is a powerful superfood that does almost everything to benefit your health. And CytoGreens ingredients doesn’t let us down with the amount of spinach included. (651 mg)


Nutritional Panel | Probiotics Missing

CytoGreens took measures to include chicory root at 500 mg, which is a wonderful load of prebiotics. But prebiotics don’t do you any good unless you are getting probiotics also. Probiotics are live, friendly bacteria which feed on prebiotics and this contributes to an overall wonderful health cycle for us.

So you’d need to compensate for the lacking of probiotics by either buying your own probiotics or maybe drinking some daily kombucha. Both are costly. Pickles (without the added sugars) can be a good source, as can kimchi. Check out my benefits of kimchi article. My point is, you need to be getting probiotics and the fact that CytoGreens doesn’t include them in their product means you might be out some more spend. Just take this into account when discussing the value.

Acai berries, amla berries, acerola cherries, make up CytoGreens antioxidant profile. I give this high marks.


I found it to taste good. CytoGreens does use the natural sweetener, stevia, to help cover up the earthy tastes. I’d say they accomplished that, but I hate talking too much about taste seeing that taste really is a personal experience.

Value | Buy CytoGreens

I found it for $27 on Amazon Prime. That’s stellar. If you buy CytoGreens, let’s just say at $50, that’s 60 servings. That would mean you are getting a $1 (or less) per serving which is fantastic. Check Amazon Prime for deals or Google “buy CytoGreens” and look for deals. The value of anything sub-$50 is excellent.


  • Decent mid-range green drink product that has a lot to offer and is available in many retail stores as well as online retailers.
  • Excellent value.
  • Very informative and well-organized label
  • Lists the potencies of each ingredient


  • Does not have a great variety of superfoods
  • No Probiotics


Truly wonderful stuff. It tastes good. Its value is over the top excellent, however, its lack of probiotics could end up costing you in the end. I’d suggest checking out our top 10 superfood green drink reviews and look for green drinks, such as Total Living Drink Greens, which do contain probiotics.

Here’s a fun CytoGreens review video (um, the manufacturer made it so take it with a grain of salt).