Country Farms Super Greens ReviewSuper food drinks are a serious way to improve your health in quick order. Well, maybe a bit less quickly if you live at McDonald’s, however, a daily green super food drink can certainly help expedite the process, pending you cease ingesting Big Macs. If you want to carry on eating Big Macs, this review, nor site, is probably for you. I’m just being honest, I hate the thought of paragraphs falling on wasted eyes!

My Country Farms Super Greens review is a bit a of let down. Not from the perspective of my stellar super food drink reviewing skills, but due to Country Farms Super Greens being a bit of a deceptive marketer. Is the drink good? Yeah, it’s good. Is it as good as the marketing pitch by Country Farms? Not even close. I get it, products need to advertise and in that process almost every manufacturer stretches the truth. The problem with Country Farms is that it’s marketing plan seems to be built with elastic bands.

I just feel like every time I write these reviews, I end up with a similar question: Do I really need THIS green superfood drink? I always suggest checking out me top 10 superfood green drink reviews list, because that will give you a good bar for comparison sake. Breaking down the nuances between value, nutrition and customer satisfaction in the super food green drink market is what we do around these parts.

The truth is, you probably found us using Google. And it is possibly you never even realized how many options you have. I’d check out those top 10 superfood drinks and just cut your losses, writing honestly. That said, here’s my Country Farms Super Greens review for your perusal and consideration.


Product Name: Country Farms Super Greens
Company Name: Country Farms corporation
Product Description: Green superfood drink
Price: Around $55 (depends on coupons and Amazon)

Note about manufacturer: Country Farms is a big corporation that carries an assortment of health products, including cleanses and protein drinks. They have a good reputation with customer service and I can’t find any evidence of manipulative billing. So if you like the product, you shouldn’t have any troubles with the subsequent purchase. I do notice that Country Farms Super Greens is readily available on Amazon. But also, if you are more the traditional shopper, you can find it at Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Walgreens, Meijer, BJs, KMart, Winn Dixie and a vast amount of other retail stores. Country Farms Super Greens is as mainstream as it gets, you should have no trouble purchasing it if you want it.


This is a mega-big and popular super food green drink product. You want have any trouble finding other Country Farms Super Greens reviews online. This stuff is sold all over the place and has been heavily marketed.

This product has some good qualities, but it also has some bad qualities. In the end, it washes out to be an average product that doesn’t rip you off but also doesn’t inspire any “wow factors.” The point being, you can do better if you look just a little harder. A lot of these big corporations have huge marketing budgets and if you are new to super food green drinks, you might think they are the only option. But there are a lot of high quality manufacturers around who make a strong, competitive effort but don’t advertise all over the place.


So let’s try to work this out by cutting through the severely distorted marketing. There are about six really good ingredients. Those are spirulina, wheat grass, aloe vera, pea protein, alfalfa and barley grass. Those ingredient, individually, are not given amounts by Country Farms. They call this “proprietary blend” which means they essentially don’t have to tell you how much of each is in there. But we know 9 grams total exist and each of these ingredients is nutrient dense, so there is something good here. We are talking a vitamins C, B, A, and E. We are talking most major B-Vitamins. Incredible amounts of Iron and Beta-Carotene. This is power packed nutritional density.

But now here’s where things for Country Farms get murky. They claim they have 35 ingredients. But you only see a handful listed above, right? That’s because they pepper in the other 28 for the sake of selling the product. “35 ingredients” sounds better than “6 ingredients!” The fact is, those six above or legit super foods. So the product does stand alone as having value.

Those other 28 ingredients are listed, combined, a 100 mg. That means there is barely any of each of them. This is a bad case of value pandering.

Country Farms Ingredients and Supplement Facts


Well, the value is already depleted somewhat because of Country Farms’ marketing methods. They claim each serving to be 20 grams. That wouldn’t be bad but when we look closely at the label, it shows an added total of 10 grams. So the rest is just junk fillers?

country farms super greens review

That’s around $50 for 28 servings when priced at $55 per month.


  • 9 grams of superfoods is a good, quality potency
  • Some of the main ingredients are organic
  • 20 grams per serving is a high amount of grams per serving


  • They don’t disclose how much of each ingredient is in the product
  • They have 28 ingredients listed at 100mg total. This is absurd. There’s no nutritional value in such little amounts per ingredient
  • There seems to be 10 grams that are unaccounted for if you do the math. Are there fillers?


Egregious marketing hype takes advantage of the consumer and also tends to blur out the good points Country Farms Super Greens has. Its actually not a bad green super food drink and it is economical. But there are many better options that should be examined before buying it. Visit our top 10 superfood green drink reviews and get better versed. That’s my hot take, at least.