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BoKU Superfood Powder Review


Boku Superfood Powder by BoKUis an excellent green superfood drink powder that contains 100% organic ingredients, Non-GMO ingredients, Vegan and Kosher. It is a thoughtfully crafted and intelligent green drink powder that contains an extremely well-balanced blend of superfoods and enzymes.

According to Mike Adams of (the Health Ranger), Dr. Jameth Sheridan had a hand in this formula. Anyone who knows anything about superfood drinks knows that Dr. Sheridan is a superstar in the industry.

The following BoKU Superfood Powder review will look at this product in depth and determine its’ overall quality and value.


Product Name: BoKU Superfood

Company Name: BoKU


Owner(s): Lynn Rolle

Product Description: Green superfood drink powder

Price: $49.95 (30 servings)

Rating:  8.8 out of 10


BoKU Superfood Powder contains approximately 60 whole-food ingredients… and the list is impressive indeed.

The label breaks down the ingredients in the following sections:

Super Greens, Super Fruits, Super Algae, Super Take, Super Maca, Super Sprouts, Super Pods, Super Extras, Super Enzymes.

We appreciate the way the ingredient information is listed. It provides a clear understanding about the direction of this formula.

Overall, we love the ingredients in this formula. They are obviously thoughtfully selected and every ingredient appears to be 100% organic.

BoKU Superfood has the “big-three” well represented with the green vegetables, algae and grasses. The grasses are somewhat limited and the absence of wheatgrass is a little odd. However, with that being said, we love the “sprouts” section. Sprouted veggies and grains are tremendously healthy.

We also love the mushroom profile in this formula too. The 14 different mushroom blend at over 1,100 mg’s is an excellent “Take” profile and mushrooms are loaded with antioxidants and other health benefits.

The superfood section is loaded with the “Super Fruits” section containing over 15 different fruits representing a wide array of health benefits.

We’re very impressed with the organic ingredients of the superfood section of the formula. The only knock on the formula is that one serving provides less than 9 grams of superfoods per serving. This is not necessarily a deal-breaker but is lower than other similarly-priced green drinks such as Green Vibrance, All Day Energy Greens, Vitamineral Green, Garden of Life and more.




BoKU Superfood is very nutritionally well rounded. The 60 different ingredients in this formula cover a wide array of health benefits. There’s a decent blend of green vegetables, algae, grasses, fruits, mushrooms, sprouts and more.

In addition, We love the inclusion of Maca Root. This root from Peru contains a lot of different benefits, everything from sexual health to improved skin. The most well-known use for Maca is increased energy.

BoKU Superfood also has an excellent Digestive Enzyme panel too. The probiotics are somewhat limited with just Lactobacillus Sporogenes found in the formula. This is a little disappointing. Many similar green drink powders have a full probiotics section with many different strains of friendly bacteria. Most notably is the Total Living Drink Greens and Athletic Greens.

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The taste of BoKU Superfood is a little strong. We love the taste of green powder drinks.(The stronger, the earthier the better.) But for a lot of people, taste can be a real issue. You can taste the algae in BoKU Superfood and the guilty party is most likely the spirulina. Spirulina is one of the hardest ingredients to mask in superfood drinks.

You may want to mix BoKU Superfood with a quality organic juice or add to a health smoothie to help mask the taste and if you are trying to shed a few pounds, this weight loss smoothie can be a great meal replacement.



One serving of BoKU Superfood is 8.8 grams and the cost for a 30-serving bottle is $49.95. This breaks down to around $1.67 per serving. This is very similar to other green drinks in this price range.

The only red flag we have from a “value” standpoint is that many other green drinks in this price point have between 10-13 grams of nutrition per serving. BoKU Superfood has under 9 grams. It also has a limited probiotics section.

With that being said however, we are genuinely impressed with the uniqueness and quality of the organic ingredients. This is a no-nonsense greens formula and what it lacks in overall potency it makes up for in quality.





  • 60 quality, organic ingredients
  • Very thoughtful and balanced blend
  • Contains a sprouted superfood section that is unique
  • Contains an excellent “Take” section with over 14 different mushrooms
  • 100% organic ingredients


  • Only 8.8 grams per serving is lower than other similar green drinks
  • Has a limited probiotic section



BoKU Superfood is an impressive green drink formula that has a lot going for it. It contains 60 awesome superfood ingredients, including digestive enzymes. Everything appears to be 100% organic.

According to Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) of, Dr. Jameth Sheridan helped out with this formula. Dr. Sheridan is responsible for some of the best green drinks in the marketplace. (Vitamineral Green being one of them.)

We love BoKU’s variety of ingredients that are thoughtfully categorized to make it easy to understand why it was added to the formula. We love the “sprouted” section, the mushrooms and the super fruits section.

Overall, you may not get quite as much potency as some other green drinks in the $49.95 price range. And, this is not a meal-replacement powerhouse formula like the Total Living Drink Greens.

But BoKU is an excellent product that I would recommend right up there with Athletic Greens, Green Vibrance and Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw.

SFD OVERALL Rating: 8.4 out of 10

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