Boku Super Berries Review

Boku Super Berries Review

Cheap, easy to mix, thin on ingredients, cheap, affordable, taste decent… these are the quips you should prepare to read over and over in my Boku Super Berries review. Boku Super Berries is by far the most non-elite berry superfood drink you will find (I mean, its one of them, I should say).

Its a simple experience priced accordingly that many low-carbers tend to like. But its not comprehensive and you really aren’t saving that much, as you will see in my Boku Super Berries value section.

Always look at the overall value of your superfood drink before purchasing. There is often more than meets the eye.

Looking to save a few bucks? Keep reading, maybe Super Berries is a perfect match for you.


Product Name: Super Berries 

Company Name: Boku


Owner(s): Lynn and Reno Rollé

Boku is located in Ojai, California.

Product Description: berry superfood drink

Price: $31.99  (Seems to be out on Amazon a lot, you’d need to buy it on the manufacturer website)

Here is owner Reno Rolle appearing on Spartan Up’s Youtube channel where he discusses the body and mind’s relationship with superfoods.


Super Berries is composed of a number of solid superfood berries, but nothing else. It is what the name of the product says it is.


Superfood Blend

Welcome to the end. Boku Super Berries is anything but a comprehensive berry superfood drink. Instead, its a simple berry superfood powder mix that comes at an economic price. But is it economical enough to make up for a lack of ingredient versatility and depth? Our value section follows this one, that’s where such things shall be determined.

For now, here’s the Boku Super Berries ingredient lineup.

goji berry

The goji berry is an incredibly potent, nutrient dense, superfood.

organic goji berry juice: Popularly known for its weight loss prowess, the goji berry, like many berries, packs a jumpstart for the immune system. Antioxidant dense, the goji berry is wonderful for skin and lowering inflammation.

organic hawthorn berry: What’s a hawthorn berry? Good question. Its known as the “heart herb” due to its powerful ability to help improve heart health. It can improve circulation and the respiratory system. Its an odd duck in the way that’s it’s rarely included in berry superfood drinks, but in some ways, that makes it an awesome addition for Boku

organic blackberry: Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins A, E, C, the blackberry reigns supreme among all superfood berries. But the taste leaves some to be desired, which makes it a good choice for a drink that’s sweeter cohabitant ingredients can help mask the blackberry’s bitterness.

organic tart cherry: Cherries are well-known to help people with pain and inflammation. In fact, many doctors recommend cherry just for people who suffer from the harsh side effects of osteoarthritis.

organic pomegranate: The vitamin C and antioxidants in the pomegranate can help skin health and boost immunity.

organic blueberry: If you are only getting them in muffins, your really not doing it right! Blueberries have a lot of antioxidant power in them that help almost every part of the body.

organic acai berry: Continuing the antioxidant power theme, the acai berry is also well-known for weight loss. Unfortunately, some Internet marketers ruined this truly powerful berry’s reputation. So it tends to take undeserved criticism.

organic strawberry: The strawberry has more vitamin C than an orange. Can you believe that?

organic raspberry: Both the gallic acid and quercetin found in the raspberry help to fight cancer growth.

organic cranberry: Not just for curing UTIs, the cranberry also assist in managing healthy blood pressure.

Boku Super Berries supplement facts


The only thing that’s in it is berries, so that’s exactly what it tastes like. It’s not overly sweet, it mixes well in water.


To me, this is the bad news. Ultimately, this drink is way to thin in serving sizes and ingredients to warrant its $30.99 price point. For that price, you get a month supply of Boku Super Berries. Each serving is 3 grams, which is not even close to competitive. So yes, you pay a $1.04 per serving, but you only get 3 grams of only berries. No protein, no probiotics, zilch.

In fact, Boku essentially works by selling you other options, like their protein powder option, as a way to supplement. There are way too many other options out there that can be had for around the same price and you get so much more. Even half a scoop of Garden of Life Perfect Berry Food is a gram more per serving and only $10 more per month. And you get a little protein, a decent amount of fermented foods, and some probiotics.

The value isn’t here unless you really are on a super tight budget.



  • Great berry lineup
  • Wonderful for low carb
  • Very affordable
  • Owners that care, trusted company
  • Taste pretty good


  • Very, very low serving sizes
  • Only berries, no other types of protein or probiotics


Super Berries is a berry superfood drink and nothing more. Although it has skimpy serving sizes, it does cost less than most major competitors. The taste is good and they don’t add any sugars, making it a decent choice for nutritional density infussion for those trying to stay in ketosis.