BioPharma Nanogreens Review

biopharma nanogreens review

There were moments throughout this BioPharma Nanogreens review that I considered shaking things up in my old reliable top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. Ultimately, BioPharma Nanogreens just barely missed the cut. I hope I don’t regret the decision someday, like how the Charlotte Hornets traded Kobe Bryant to the Lakers and then….

In all seriousness, Nanogreens is an amazing accomplishment in green superfood powder value. While it may not be  Garden of Life Perfect Raw Food, it most certainly is a potent accomplishment that offers budget green drink shoppers a legitimately great product. If you want to save some money and still get some solid value, keep reading. If you don’t mind spending a bit more for some ultra-potent green superfood drinks, go check out my top list linked above. Either way, I’m darn happy to have you.

Let’s get down to it, shall we?


Product Name: Nanogreens

Company Name: BioPharma Scientific


Owner(s): Unsure

Product Description: green drink

Price: $42.25 (this was the current price on Amazon as of this review)

Here is three-time American Beach Volleyball Olympic gold medalist, Kerri Walsh Jennings, showing off her abs and explaining how BioPharma Nanogreens is some legit stuff.


Nanogreens ingredients are a combination of several (overlapping) blends. These blends are designed to make the label easier to read, but clearly, the ingredients are somewhat interchangeable per blend. Ah, technicalities, how boring! Let’s get to stuff you care about.


Greens Blend

When it comes to improving your health, there is no better way than by way of taking organic barley grass juice on the daily. This is one of the first listed Nanogreens ingredients and perhaps, one of the most powerful. Loaded with B-Vitamins, this nutrient dense grass is also a good source of protein and fiber.

Remember the time we saw Popeye The Sailorman eat a can of Spirulina? Yeah, me either, but the fact is, Popeye was making a little bit of a mistake. Spirulina is actually the true leader in Iron, delivering almost four times the amount of spinach. It also delivers more beta-carotene than carrots. Now, Nanogreens ingredients also include both carrots and spinach, so don’t think for a second the passed on those just due to the spirulina. Both are powerful superfoods in their own right, but it is pretty cool to think that spirulina is this powerful. And to boot, you get your fill of both carrots and spinach.

One of the main reasons that so many people flock to green superfood powders is because they want to detoxify their bodies. For the most part, if you eat right and stay hydrated with water, your body should naturally kick out toxins. However, it never hurts to have a Chlorophyll shot to help speed up the process. Known as a detoxifier, Chlorella is a core supplier of Chlorophyll.

Fruits And Veggies Blend | Phytonutrients Blend

As mentioned, the way that Nanogreens list their blends is a bit repetitive, but not in an egregious way at all. As a reviewer, it just forces me to explain that the phytonutrients blend really could be an extension of the greens blend. No big deal, but officially, we already talked about spinach and carrots above, even though those two are located in this phytonutrients blend. And carrots are orange. See, it’s all falling apart already.

The core ingredient in this blend is that of green tea extract. Green tea is a powerful, immune system boosting ninja health infuser. Known for its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory attributes, green tea also contains the amino acid, L-Theanine. Chill…you’re gonna love L-Theanine. L-Theanine is known as a natural cure for ADHD and anxiety. L-Theanine reviews are incredibly positive. This is why you can drink green tea without getting that caffeine edgy feeling that often accompanies coffee. L-Theanine chills you out without tiring you out. Pretty awesome stuff, honestly.

One of the little-known benefits of grape seed extract is blood vessel health. Grape seed benefits include protecting your vital blood vessels from harm, which can help you lower blood pressure. Many people who are in the market for a green drink are looking for a way to help lower blood pressure. Grape seed extract is a nice start to that journey. To be honest, just eating healthy and taking a daily green superfood drink should go a long ways in helping to manage blood pressure.

If you are tired of always catching every cold that goes around during the winter months, I suggest you ramp up on broccoli, which possesses a good portion of immune-boosting vitamin C. It can help you heal wounds, as well as provide you with folate acid and antioxidants that can help fight free radicals that aim to damage your cells. Broccoli, in some circles, is considered the end-all-be-all of superfoods. No reason to get all crazy with our claims, just know that broccoli, when eaten daily, can have some amazing benefits on the body.

Have you ever tried kale chips? Honestly, they are pretty good and the certainly make getting kale into your diet a heck of a lot easier. The downside is that the baking process used to create kale chips most certainly strips the kale of some of its nutrient density. In Nanogreens, you get kale raw and absorb all the naturally intended benefits that kale has to offer.

Blackberries are highly overlooked nutrient vessels for the body. They have incredible amounts of vitamin C, as well as both soluble and insoluble fiber. Blackberries are a true superfood berry, though many people don’t enjoy their taste and texture. You won’t notice their taste much in Nanogreens, which is probably a good thing.

Apples are a great source of fiber and the antioxidants found in apples have been linked to decreasing the risk of cancer.

Alkalinity in the body is said to help fend off cancer and create an environment where health can thrive within. Both mangos and lemons are known for their ability to create alkalinity in the body.

A lot of people don’t know this, but juicing a sweet potato can yield some pretty amazing results. It tastes better than you’d think (although admittedly, you will get some earthy tastes in it). You will also get copper, B6, and pantothenic acid.

Cranberries are known to improve the immune system and help keep the urinary tract in good shape.

The proteolytic enzymes found in Aloe Vera helps to fix up old damaged skin cells, particularly on the scalp.


Nanogreens also comes with digestive enzymes to help boost your overall gut health. This can have powerful effects on the brain, including to help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. The inclusion of probiotics and enzymes are definitely a big benefit to the value of Nanogreens.

biopharma nanogreens ingredients


Most BioPharma Nanogreens taste reviews are outstanding. The fact that they include a wealth of fruits in their blends helps to make the taste a really nice experience. Obviously, taste is subjective, so no reason to loiter in this section any longer than absolutely necessary.


At 12 grams per serving, BioPharma Nanogreens is certainly no slouch. You get a 30 day supply, which comes out to $1.41 per serving. Honestly speaking, Nanogreens is a robust drink that’s completely affordable. You get a great deal of nutrition per serving and you certainly are not breaking the bank. I think Nanogreens could charge 50% more than they currently do and it would still be a fair price.



  • A number of diverse, essential ingredients
  • The Barley grass comes from superior juice extract
  • Probiotics will save you money
  • Kerri Walsh Jennings is a rad volleyball player and she says she drinks it, so you know…



  • While the value is amazing, Nanogreens should not be confused with anything other than a budget drink. Check out something like Total Living Drink Greens to see what I’m saying here. This is not a meal replacement drink.


While not included in my top 10 superfood green drink reviews, BioPharma Nanogreens is an accomplishment in value, that can’t be contested. The serving sizes and potency are liberal for a sub-$50 green drink experience. This can serve as a detox drink or recovery drink, but not really a meal replacement option. It’s a winner, though, you simply can’t go wrong in purchasing it.