benefits of cinnamonCinnamon could be one of the more powerful spices in the world and has been used medicinally for thousands of years. This spice is still very popular, considering it tastes great, provides many health benefits, and is easily incorporated into recipes.

The color, smell, and flavor of cinnamon are all due to the oily part of the Cinnamomum verum tree, the health benefits of cinnamon all come from the bark of the tree. The bark has several compounds such as cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde, and cinnamate, which are all the healthy properties of the cinnamon tree.

All of these compounds provide a great deal of health benefits, which makes cinnamon one of the most powerful, and beneficial spices on the planet. These benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-diabetic properties, along with protecting from cancers, and heart disease while boosting Immunity.

The Nutritional Benefits of Cinnamon

The following is what you could expect from one tablespoon of cinnamon…

  • 0 grams of sugar, fat, and protein
  • 19 calories
  • 4 grams fiber
  • Manganese – 68% DV
  • Calcium – 8% DV
  • Iron – 4% DV
  • Vitamin K – 3% DV

The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

1. Protects The Heart

Studies have shown that cinnamon can reduce the risk factors that come along with heart disease, such as high triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels.

Cinnamon helps to maintain good blood circulation, and increases the ability to repair damaged heart tissue, so that your body has the ability to prevent strokes, heart disease, and heart attacks. (1)

2. Fights Viruses and Infections

Cinnamon is beneficial to your body by being able to fight off illness. Cinnamon is a natural anti-biotic, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. The abilities to boost you immune system can be found in the oils.

Cinnamon has been used in many cultures to help naturally fight harmful viruses and infections. The oils also have the ability to protect against bacterias that can cause negative effects on your digestive track, skin, and even lead to the flu, or common colds.

3. Helps Brain Function

Research has shown that another great benefit of cinnamon is the antioxidant properties that can help to defend against brain disorders such as Alzheimers, and Parkinson’s disease. (2)

4. Skin Health

Cinnamon is a great way to defend against rashes, skin irritation, allergic reactions, and infections. Cinnamons essential oils can be applied directly to your skin, and can reduce your inflammation, redness, swelling, and pain.

When cinnamon is combined with another antimicrobial ingredient such as honey, your body can boost skin health and are great for rosacea, skin allergies, and acne.

Ceylon Cinnamon VS Cassia Cinnamon

Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon are related, but come from two different trees. Ceylon cinnamon also known as true cinnamon comes from trees that are grown in Thailand, and Sri Lanka, which are rare. This makes Ceylon cinnamon harder to find, and more expensive when you do.

Cassia cinnamon is grown in China or Saigon, and is the cheaper more widely available cinnamon. Even though cassia cinnamon has been studied more by scientist, some believe that Ceylon cinnamon may contain more health benefits.

Ceylon cinnamon contains less coumarins, which is a compound that is believed to be potentially dangerous to your liver if consumed a lot. As long as you keep your consumption to 1-2 tsps a day, then cassia cinnamon wont pose a threat.

The taste may very the slightest bit, but for the most part either of these types of cinnamon can be interchanged in recipes. Ceylon cinnamon has a lighter citrusy taste, where cassia cinnamon has a very deep spicy taste.

Another great way to use cinnamon is to buy cinnamon sticks, and grate the cinnamon yourself using a hand grater. You can also use the whole stick to infuse drinks, like wine, or sauces, to give a tasty and unique flavor.

Cinnamon and Honey

Ancient Ayurvedic practices thought that cinnamon and honey could cure most diseases. Cinnamon and honey can be used to fight infections, indigestion, bad breath, tooth pain, arthritis, upset stomachs, help with weight loss, and acne.

Honey is produced around the world, and has been used in many cultures as a powerful medicine, showing no side effects.

The following are some ways you can use cinnamon and honey to make your own concoctions at home to fight different health issues…

1. Acne

  • 1 tsp of cinnamon powder paste mixed with 3 tbsp of honey. Applying the paste on pimples before bed, and washing it off in the morning can help to heal zits.

2. Weight Loss

  • Before eating breakfast, and before falling asleep take 1 cup of water and add cinnamon and honey powder. Boil and drink to help fat from accumulating i the body so you can lose weight faster.

3. Toothache

  • 1/2 inch of cinnamon quill, grind in coffee grinder. You can also use cinnamon powder
  • 5 tsp of honey mixed with 1 tsp of cinnamon powder in a bowl
  • Apply small amount to the tooth that is in pain with your finger or a piece of folded gauze.
  • Continue to do so multiple times a day until pain is relieved.

4. Cholesterol

  • 2 tbsp of honey and 3 tsp of cinnamon powder mixed in 16 ounces of water
  • Drinking this will drop your levels of cholesterol in your blood 10 % in just 2 hours
  • Drink 3 times a day to see excellent results

5. Cough and Colds

Most of you have experienced the worst cough or a terrible cold. If you come across these symptoms again, take 1 tablespoon of honey with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder multiple times a day to cure most chronic coughs and colds.

6. Bad Breath

If you are self-conscious about your breath stinking, then this is a great way to cure bad breath

  • 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon into a bottle
  • 1 and a 1/2 teaspoons of honey along with 2 lemons (juiced)
  • 1 cup of warm water to melt honey, and stir.

Take the mixture and gargle for 1 min to freshen breath quickly.


Cinnamon is obviously a very strong spice that can be used for multiple things. The benefits are never-ending and should be consumed on a daily basis. It is easy to see why cinnamon is one of the most powerful spices on the planet. It is easily acquired, and contains properties to fight diseases, cancers, and even help multiple parts of your body, from the heart to the skin. It would be hard for me NOT to recommend cinnamon to anyone looking to better their health. Adding cinnamon to your regular diet will only help your body in the long run.