BarleyMax Review

barleymax reviewToday’s BarleyMax review takes a closer look at a green drink supplement that’s base fandom is derived from the manufacturer’s Hallelujah Diet. While the Hallelujah Diet might be popular (this review isn’t about that, so no judgment passed), our BarleyMax review puts on display a supplement that really has trouble living up to any decent expectations, as well, is overtly non-competitive.

“Hallelujah, anyone?” Not really.

BarleyMax is made by a company named Hallelujah Acres. As previously stated, they invented an anti-cancer diet known as the Hallelujah Diet. During this BarleyMax review, I’d ask that you keep this in mind as it could mean the company has some ulterior motives beyond providing the consumer with an awesome green drink. Rev. George Malkmus and his wife, who is named Rhonda, conceived the diet which is mostly based on raw foods and a bit of religion (hence the name). It allows for around 15% of fruits and vegetables to endure the cooking process while the remainder need be raw.

Unfortunately, BarleyMax ingredients consist of only barley and alfalfa grass. Yes, that’s a mere two ingredients, which leads me to believe that BarleyMax is really Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax; essentially, a covert marketing schematic. I also suggest having a look at our top 10 superfood green drink reviews before making a decision.


Product Name: BarleyMax

Company Name: Hallelujah Acres


Owner(s): Greg and Rhonda Malkmus

Product Description: green protein drink

Price: $29.95 (Per manufacturer)


There isn’t a whole lot to say here. BarleyMax ingredients consist of two grasses. There is no question that these two grasses are wonderful additions to any healthy diet, but unfortunately, BarleyMax even ruins that by only providing for 2 grams of the grasses per serving. If you mix BarleyMax with water, at least then you will be getting hydrated as an additional redeeming quality? Not much else to say, respectfully.

Both ingredients are said to be organic, which is a definite plus. They use juice extracts, which is a prime way to strengthen any green drink, but that doesn’t counter the fact that it is only 2 grams. They also claim non-GMO status and vegan and gluten free. But really, what respectable green drink has gluten? There just isn’t a whole lot of winning going on here and I’m out of breath trying to “make BarleyMax happen.”


Organic Barley: Barley grass is a legit superfood. Did you know that it contains 11 times the calcium than found in dairy milk?

Organic Alfalfa Grass Juice: Alfalfa grass contains amino acids and is anti-fungal.

NOTE: You get barely any of either at 2 grams total.


barleymax reviewIf this is the part of the BarleyMax review where you are hoping this sinking ship gets rescued, put on your life vest, you are going to need it. It tasted essentially like a grassy, spinach-like drink. In fairness, they don’t put any additional sugars in BarleyMax ingredients, so I can’t really condemn this product for that. No green drink is going to taste amazing without some form of sugar being deployed, that’s just fact. I think, however, the lack of ingredients and value should already turn most consumers off before they get to the taste aspect.


There really isn’t much when it comes to BarleyMax’s value. It’s two ingredients and two grams for almost $30. That’s $1 per serving, which wouldn’t be bad if it contained a more competetive green drink ingredient profile. Instead, this is just consumer fleecing, marketed towards consumers who have no idea other green drinks exist.

Do yourself a favor and have a look at Garden of Life Perfect Raw Food (less than $1 per serving) or Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens or visit our top 10 superfood green drink reviews.



  • Uses juice extracts
  • You could mix it with water and water is healthy


  • Very low potent formula at just 2 grams per serving
  • Uses only two grasses
  • Contains no probiotics, enzymes, algae and other land-based superfoods
  • Is $1 per serving which is way over-priced for what you are getting.


Take a look at our top 10 superfood green drink reviews before buying BarleyMax. It has hardley any value, it is short on ingredients, and it is probably a front to lure you into a diet program. While BarleyMax does have the redeeming quality of two very healthy ingredients, it falls short on price and ingredient amount. There is just too much solid competition to buy this product. I highly recommend against doing so. You could purchase alfalfa and barley alone and walk away with better value.