Barlean Greens review

Organic_Greens-_112016Superfood green drinks are the most powerful, nutrient dense ways to infuse your body with vitality and health. There are few superfood green drinks that are more popular than Barlean’s Greens. In my Barlean’s Greens review, I take a more in-depth look into if all the hype lives up to the reality of this green drink.

One of my main focuses in this review will be to look at the quality and value of the green drink powder. Is it worth buying? Are the greens inside of the product fully disclosed on the label and all natural? Just because a product is a hugely popular brand doesn’t always mean that it is the best option for your health. Barlean’s Greens doesn’t make our top 10 Superfood Green Drink reviews, but overall, it’s a solid experience.


Company Name: Barlean’s Organic Oils
Product Description: 
Organic greens drink powder
$43.43 | 240 grams | 30-day supply

Barlean’s Greens Review | What’s This Stuff About?

Barlean Greens is a popular green superfood powder that can be made to easily make a green drink. You can use water, or you can use Almond milk or any sort of “milk” base to create a superfood drink. This makes adding some health into your hectic lifestyle an easier accomplishment.

I have kids. Kids can suck (I’m just being honest). Of all the things I need to add into my daily life, it is hard to justify growing a garden or spending hours going to the grocery store and then chopping and storing and juicing and blending vegetables. Just writing that made me tired. Barlean’s Greens powder certainly makes this process a much more palatable one (pun completely intended).

Barlean’s Greens powder can be found at most retail stores, such as Target or Wal-Mart. Though I do warn you, avoid Wal-Mart on full-moon nights as that place can get pretty legit weird. You can also order it directly off of Barlean’s website. Or hey, use Amazon. You aren’t going to have a huge problem obtaining it, as my Barlean’s Greens review should have already adequately shown.

Barlean’s Greens Review | Superfood Ingredients

Barlean’s Organic Greens, as it is known to some people as it contains all organic ingredients, is a pretty powerful superfood concoction. Barlean’s Greens ingredients definitely aren’t inferior. But, we don’t completely know how much of each ingredient is contained.

Let me break this down in a much more specific way: Below is the label for Barlean’s Greens. I’ve used two arrows to point out the issue.

barlean greens review ingredients

Notice that the label groups all the ingredients into one “blend” category? This is Barlean’s Greens way of not disclosing the amount of each ingredient is contained. Why is this a big deal? Because in this way, they “could” be shorting you prime ingredients which could be saving themselves money. Would you buy a car if it just came with a radio, or would you prefer to know what type of radio it came with? I hope the latter, if not, I might have a few bridges to sell you.

Is this a deal breaker? Not completely. Because on the good side, Barlean’s Greens powder contains legit, powerful, organic ingredients. We do know that of the organic superfoods, the consumer (that’s you) gets 6 grams. That’s a solid amount. There are two superfood grasses, barley, and oat. But, unlike other green superfood drinks such as Kylea Total Living Drink Greens, Barlean’s Greens uses whole food powders rather than juice extracts. Juice extracts carry more nutritional power. That’s why I give the edge to Kylea because they DO contain the juice extracts of those grasses.

For algae, Barlean’s Greens contains chlorella and spirulina. It also contains an organic spinach.

There are 500mg of flaxseeds which means with each green smoothie you make using Barlean’s Greens, you also get your Omega 3 Fatty Acids. And on top of that, flaxseeds are an amazing source of fiber.

Barlean’s Greens is a good source of powerful antioxidants which can contribute to improved immune system function.

Barlean’s Greens Review | What’s This Stuff Taste Like?

For some, this is the million dollar question. I get it, the taste of plant soil doesn’t always go over with us. Taste is always a subjective experience and when it comes to a health drink, you can’t be only concerned with taste as the priority. The fact is, healthy doesn’t always equal tasty. I feel like Barlean’s Greens taste “good enough,” but I have seen other Barlean’s Greens reviews with much less flattering statements over the matter. If the taste is super important to you, this might not be your drink. I mostly drink Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens which I find to be the best tasting product. But again, I don’t base a few moments of daily health on my taste comfort.

You should check out our top 10 Superfood Green Drink reviews which give you a lot of other options for green drink taste and value.

Barlean’s Greens Value

The product, as of the moment of this review, is being sold by the manufacturer for $43.43. You may or may not find price fluctuations depending on the retailer’s website or store you visit. Barlean Greens has 240 grams in it. This means you get 8 grams per serving at roughly $1.50. That’s a pretty good value. UPDATE: I found it on Amazon Prime for $28.88 as of 4-10-2017.

Pro Tip: Try Athletic Greens, you get 12 grams of higher quality nutritional value.


  • Well established trusted brand
  • 100% certified organic product
  • Includes grasses, algae, land and sea vegetables in the superfood section
  • Contains probiotics and antioxidants
  • Fiber and essential fatty acids are included
  • Decent value


  • Not a huge variety of superfoods
  • $1.50 per serving is a little high for only 8 grams of nutrition per serving
  • Does not list how much of each ingredient is in the formula


Barlean’s Green superfood drink powder is a powerful mix of antioxidants, leafy greens, algae, grasses, and fiber. The drink is sold at a reasonable price point and it is available in most retail stores, or on Amazon.