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Athletic Greens Superfood Ranking

Athletic Greens Review

Athletic Greens (AG) is a green superfood powder drink with probiotics and digestive enzymes. A robust greens formula, with a high-energy brand, makes Athletic Greens a popular product. This Athletic Greens review will look at the label and determine the quality of ingredients and the real value of the product.


Product Name: Athletic Greens

Company Name: Athletic Greens

Website: AthleticGreens.com

Owner(s): Unknown

Product Description: Greens superfood drink powder

Price: $77 – $97 for 30 servings.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

SUPERFOODS – Athletic Greens Review

The raw superfoods section of Athletic Greens contains a lot of organic superfoods. It is an excellent profile and very-well-rounded. You have a good mix of the three types of superfoods… fruits & vegetables, grasses and algae. Spirulina, broccoli, wheatgrass, alfalfa, carrot, spinach, etc… I’m very impressed with the variety; a total of around twenty-seven superfoods just in this section.

Athletic Greens has some superfood ingredients that are not found in a lot of other products which makes it unique in this way. For instance, papaya, bilberry and beet are ingredients you don’t find on every greens drink label. I really like the broad ingredient list.

In terms of potency, Athletics Greens has excellent potencies of the superfoods. With a total of 8.5 grams of raw superfoods, this is enough to have a positive impact on the body every day. Overall, the superfoods part of Athletic Greens whole food powder is very impressive.


Key Ingredients in Athletic Greens


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In addition to the superfood section, Athletic Greens contains a robust antioxidant and herbal panel. There’s a quality list of very good ingredients in this section for immune building, cleansing and energy. All told, there’s almost 3.5 grams of excellent, health-building nutrients.

Athletic Greens also includes 233 mg of digestive enzymes and a good, solid probiotics formula.

I always look for enzymes and probiotics in a superfood drink as they help the body absorb the nutrients and aid in caloric utilization. The inclusion of Reishi mushroom, and rhodiola rosea is always a plus as well.

Athletic Greens Ingredients and Supplement Facts



Let’s talk about taste and texture of Athletic Greens.  Simply put, AG tastes amazing for what it is. As any green drink user knows, if the product uses quality superfoods such as green leafy vegetables, grasses and algae, it’s going to taste earthy, grassy and sometimes swampy. Athletic Greens whole food powder does a good job of masking the pungent taste with a hint of chocolate.

We put Athletic Greens as one of the best-tasting green drinks on the market. The texture is smooth and it mixes easily with whatever liquid you choose to blend it with.



Athletic Greens is a high-end product and you do pay a little more for the quality.

Athletic Greens has 12 grams of nutrition and is a great mid-range product that is one of the best-tasting green powder drinks on the market. AG also has one of the most loyal followings of any green drink we’ve come across.

Currently you can order one 30-day supply for $97 per month. Or to save money, you can join their loyalty program and get it for $77 per month. This is the guaranteed lowest price online.

SuperfoodDrinks.org actually reached out to Athletic Greens in regards to their pricing and they graciously provided us a lot of detail as to the high quality ingredients they use and the fact that they simply took no shortcuts in making this product.

The old adage rings true with Athletic Greens… you get what you pay for. If you want to enjoy one of the highest quality green drinks on the market, you’ll pay a little more. However, we feel the value is extremely solid… especially at $77 per month.


Athletic Greens Price Comparison


Sometimes we are asked if there are side effects from taking Athletic Greens daily and other superfood green drinks. The short answer is rarely. Like anything that pertains to diet, if you overdo it, you may experience some health problems and green drinks are no different. (You can develop yellow-orange skin from eating too many carrots for goodness sake.)

There are some things you may notice when starting on a green drink diet. These are especially true if you are used to a diet of processed foods and low on green leafy vegetables.

You may experience a noticeable difference in your bowel movements. This is normal and you should not be alarmed unless it’s a serious problem. Remember, Athletic Greens powder and other green drinks are loaded with vegetables, vitamins and minerals, and dietary fiber and this is going to move things along. But elimination through the bowels is the best detoxification we have for our health. You should have no problems taking this on an empty stomach as well.

The most likely side effect is you will start to feel amazing and have more energy levels than you’ve experienced in a long time.

Athletic Greens Customer Reviews

Before I purchase any superfood powder I scour the internet for reviews. The best place to start is usually Amazon, so I did just that, and found that most of the reviews were positive. Out of 1,175 people, almost 70% of them gave this product a five star review.

A lot of the customers were satisfied with the taste and the overall effects this healthy superfood powder delivers. There were a few dissatisfied customers that claimed they were too heavy for this product, and would have to double their intake per month, making the product way too expensive.

Overall the customer reviews seem to positive, and nothing that I saw would make me want to stay away from this product, considering the potency of the ingredients, and the overall nutrition that Athletic Greens provides your health.



  • Exceptional superfood list that includes a very well-rounded blend
  • Contains ingredients that are hard-to-find in superfood green drinks
  • At 12 grams per serving, it delivers a potent amount of nutrition
  • The taste is extremely impressive for a green drink
  • Contains digestive enzymes & probiotics making it more comprehensive for gut health
  • Superfoods are 100% organic
  • Non GMO and Gluten Free


  • A little more expensive than some of their competitors
  • There are cheaper green drink powders


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Athletic Greens is a great product. I’m  impressed with the amount of ingredients, quality of ingredients and the antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes. From a pure health-benefit point of view it is one of the better green drinks we’ve reviewed. And furthermore, it tastes great.

As we mentioned before, we’ve been honest with our opinion that at $97 per 30-day supply, it is a little expensive. But you get what you pay for with this greens powder. Joining the loyalty program gets the price down to $77 per month. Beyond that, the reviews of Athletic Greens seem to be overall positive.

We receive a lot of comments and there are a lot of folks who absolutely swear by this product. Amazon alone has over 600 reviews! And we get it… Athletic Greens is very good-tasting and a high-quality product.

SFD OVERALL Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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