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These articles are written to help people learn more about everything related not only to green superfood drink powders, but the ingredients in them, the benefits and side effects of these various ingredients, recipes, smoothie ideas and more. Generally speaking, people who are using green drinks daily are the same people who are interested in an alternative health lifestyle. We hope these articles will empower you to achieve the healthy lifestyle you deserve!


8 Instagram Superfood Bowls That Will Mesmerize You

So you love your superfood bowl you make every morning. You feel like a true superfood bowl artist. Well, your ego is about to take a little bruising, unfortunately. We've found some true Instagram superfood bowl champions. And we've featured seven of [...]

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Alternative Superfoods That Could Really Enhance Your Diet

Are you in a superfood slump? Sometimes it feels as though there are only a handful of superfoods in existence because it seems those are the only ones we learn about in the news. I think at this point, we all have [...]

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Pregnancy Superfoods – Your Complete Mom-To-Be Diet Guide

WARNING: you are viewing a cliche pregnancy image that hardly reflects reality. Being healthy is never more important than during a pregnancy. Let's face it, pregnancy is rough goings as it is, so hearing that we mothers-to-be need to suddenly [...]

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Barleans Greens Review | Green Superfood Drink Powder

Barlean Greens review Superfood green drinks are the most powerful, nutrient dense ways to infuse your body with vitality and health. There are few superfood green drinks that are more popular than Barlean's Greens. In my Barlean's Greens review, I take a [...]

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Superfoods. The NEW New Year’s Resolution

I’m issuing a warning for the month of January. Please heed this warning with furious seriousness and urgency. The warning? Your gym is about to be packed. If you plan to join a gym, it is going to be packed. There will [...]

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6 Broccoli Health Benefits

  We all have the one friend who absolutely loves eating raw broccoli. Sometimes that friend is over at your house and you offer them a little dark chocolate and mango but broccoli bro instead snobbishly says, “nah, got any raw broccoli [...]

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Health Benefits of Oat Grass That Will Surprise You

Oat grass (Arrhenatherum) is a perennial species of grass that grows to a height of about 1.5 meters and it is common in North Africa and parts of Eurasia including France, Afghanistan, Portugal, Turkey and Spain. It is worth noting that a [...]

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