So you love your superfood bowl you make every morning. You feel like a true superfood bowl artist. Well, your ego is about to take a little bruising, unfortunately. We’ve found some true Instagram superfood bowl champions. And we’ve featured seven of the most reason amazing concoctions that have all the likes!

Truth is, I normally start the day off with my top superfood green drinks, but sometimes, it is fun to take the path of slightly less convenience and put together a true superfood masterpiece. You an also mix your green drink mix into a superfood bowl (I hope you enjoyed that pro-tip).

Don’t feel down if your superfood bowls don’t turn out like these do, just get inspired!

8 Amazing Instagram Superfood Bowls

Want some probiotics? This bowl has you covered. Yogurt is the mainstay base of this superfood beauty. The yogurt appears to be blended with peanut butter. It is topped with pumpkin seeds, cacao and rock salt.

Got superfood fiber? Now you do. This bowl features a slew of grains topped with blueberries and strawberries. This bowl was created by local superfood bowl makers at Columbus’ very own Native Cold Pressed.

Fermented granola, strawberries, bananas, kale, goji berries and coconut mean great things for your gut health. This is a powerhouse nutrtion explosion all in one bowl. This is seriously impressive!

This next bowl is not only spectacular for your health, but it is also easy on the eyes. It is beautifully composed! Its superfood orchestra! The granola that its based in is baked. The apples, strawberris and coconut water make it fruity. The mint leaves give it an extra kick! What a way to start off the day!

This superfood girl is getting her almond butter on. She’s also topped cinammon maca and acai. I am a big fan of starting my day with cinammon.

Coconut shreds, granola, acai and a number of other fruits pack down this amazing superfood bowl.

Pecans are one of the most underutilized superfood bowl ingredients around. That may be because they are pricey, it also might be because they are less practical. All the same, nice to see them being given some of the love which they deserve.

Now THIS is a true breakfast of champions right here, folks. Yeah, it isn’t as eye popping as all the rest of the bowls we’ve seen and certainly not as sweet, but it is still pretty darn awesome. This is every good protein you can imagine all packed into one awesome superfood bowl.

Anyone got a bowl of their own they’d like to show us? Toss up a link to your pictures in the comments. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you “too” harshly.