Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Review

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Review

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry is an updated play on the same manufacturer’s Green Superfood drink, which is one of the most popular green drinks in the world.

Green Superfood Berry doesn’t focus heavily on the berry aspect of the drink, but that’s because this drink seems to be geared more towards folks who wanted to cut down on the earthy taste of the original formula.

Overall, Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry does exactly that. If you want more healthy grasses included in your diet but hate the taste, you’ve probably found the right drink.

If you are looking for more of a meal replacement superfood drink, you might take a look at our top superfood list and peruse some other options.

We hope this Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry review will give you all the details you need to make a decision.


Product Name: Green Superfood Berry

Company Name:  Amazing Grass


Owner(s): Two guys from Kansas named Brandon and Todd

Product Description: berry superfood drink

Price: $29.99 to $69.99 (this depends on the container size you select)

Amazing Grass is a well-known, trustworthy company that sells their products in both brick and mortar stores all over the world and online through a number of trusted vendors. There isn’t anything bad to say about this huge company that’s done a good job not outgrowing its boutique-feel.


Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry is composed of ingredients that are shown to fight cancer, help stave off colds and flus, and help your digestion.


Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry ingredients are as diversified as they are nutritionally dense. The company, as per their usual hallmarks, focus on healthy grasses.

Amazing Grass Green Food Blend

Organic Wheat Grass: Loaded with magnesium, calcium, and a slew of important vitamins, wheatgrass is a popular superfood shot.

Organic Barley Grass: Hugely supports the immune system, amino acids, and minerals. It is also a potent vitamin C source.

Organic Alfalfa: B complex, zinc, and potassium are just the start of the power of this grass.

Organic Spinach: Arguably the most powerful superfood on earth, spinach possesses a dense amount of iron and calcium, making it an essential vegan dietary inclusion.

Organic Spirulina: Great source of B complex, copper, and iron.

Organic Chlorella: A proven assistant in the war on bad cholesterol, it is also essential in the area of cellular detoxification.

Organic Broccoli: A powerhouse superfood that provides vitamin K and C and offers potent antioxidants.

Amazing Grass Antioxidant Blend

Although the above grasses are ripe with antioxidants, Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry offers an additional nutritional segment dedicated to even more of them. Rose hips, pineapples, cherries and goji are among some of the antioxidant dense ingredients listed.

EFA Fiber Blend

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry uses flax seed as its main fiber source. Fiber is an essential ingredient in health, it helps you feel fuller and helps the digestive tract stay healthy. Flax seed is also a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. This is a huge benefit in the value of Green Superfood Berry.

Enzymes, Prebiotics, Probiotics

Probiotics are expensive, not to mention, they don’t often come with essential prebiotics and enzymes. Without prebiotics, probiotics are much less useful. This can be a huge additional cost to a consumer. Thankfully, Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry includes it.

goji berry

The goji berry is an incredibly potent, nutrient-dense, superfood.



Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Supplement Facts


While this is a berry superfood drink, Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry taste has a heavy grassy nature to it. Because, of course, it contains healthy grasses. This drink is more about covering up powerful grass superfoods than it is being a berry superfood drink. I think it does a good job in that way. It mixes well, you get used to the slight earthy aftertaste.


Due to Amazing Grass’ huge sales volume, they are clearly able to offer lower price points on all of their products. That remains true with Green Superfood Berry, where you get 8-grams per serving. As you will note, the prices you pay per serving are very value driven. A $29.99, 30 serving container size, means you pay $1 per serving. A $49.99, 60 serving container, means you pay .83 cents per serving. And lastly, a $69.99, 100 serving container brings the price down to .70 cents per serving.

This is a huge value, even for a superfood drink that isn’t a meal replacement. Nothing bad to say here.



  • Includes potent healthy grasses
  • All organic
  • Very trustworthy brand
  • You can buy it in most grocery stores and GNCs
  • Taste relatively good
  • Extremely value driven


  • The berry seems like an afterthought to the formula
  • Not meal replacement worthy


Amazing Grass products are often found in grocery stores and GNCs around the country. This is a mega-huge brand that’s reputable and value-oriented, this Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry review is 100% positive.

No, it’s not a meal replacement superfood drink, but Amazing Grass does a good job providing probiotics and healthy fibers in a formula with low-priced serving sizes.