Are you in a superfood slump? Sometimes it feels as though there are only a handful of superfoods in existence because it seems those are the only ones we learn about in the news. I think at this point, we all have a pretty good understanding that kale and spinach and broccoli are superfoods.

But are we sometimes so myopic that we end up leaving out some wonderful superfood options? It seems to be a real issue among us healthy ones. Because we are so focused on the mainstay superfoods, we completely miss out on some real gems that could add some powerful health benefits to our bodies and minds. If you aren’t restricted by a vegan diet, your superfood options expand even broader. These could serve as additions to my top 10 superfood green drinks list, or it could be that you can browse that list and find a number of shake options which contain them.

But I do warn you, some of these alternative superfoods options might taste terrible in a superfood green drink! So blender beware!

Sardines Superfood

sardines superfood

I was hesitant to begin my alternative superfoods list with sardines. Mostly because I understood I might lose a good portion of my readers who may choose to bounce to another page. I get it. But the fact is, this is about alternative superfoods and sardines are one of the most powerful superfoods on earth. These fish only feed on plankton and contain B12, protein, vitamin D and a ton of healthy minerals. And guess what else? they don’t possess those pesky heavy metals we worry so much about in our seafood. Sardines are clean superfood eats. And they are also an affordable buy at the grocery store.

Eggs Superfood

eggs superfood

Remember when we were told that eggs were bad for us? Even worse, many were told to eat cereals for breakfast over trusty eggs. I don’t want to go off on a tangent here, but let’s just say the switch from eggs to cereal to start many Americans days did not yield good results. Eggs, as fortune would have it, don’t cause heart disease at all. Eggs raise our good HDL cholesterol. In a 2013 study, eggs were shown to have no relationship to heart disease.

Eggs are loaded with two hugely important antioxidants in zeaxanthin and lutein. These antioxidants help protect your eye health. They contain essential proteins, minerals, vitamins and are loaded with selenium and phosphorous. If you buy pasture raised ones, you get a good source of Omega 3.

Lentils Superfood

lentils superfood

And now we hit that vegan dream machine superfood. Lentils are an amazing source of vegan protein and fiber. But they are often a forgotten legume and many people aren’t sure how to handle them. Lentils are said to improve our gut flora health, which in turn can improve our brain health. They also lower our risk for things like colon cancer. And maybe one of their most redeeming qualities is that they are cheap.

Cauliflower Superfood

cauliflower superfood

We pass the cauliflower in the grocery store, often thinking, “maybe next time.” The sad life of the cauliflower, once considered a staple at the dinner table, now reduced to a sedentary grocery store shelf life. But did you know that the cauliflower can replace the potato for mashed potatoes? Yep, you can lower your carbs and increase your fiber by opting to use the superfood cauliflower instead. You can even use cauliflower to make pizza crust, and guess what? It isn’t that difficult.

Sauerkraut Superfood

sauerkraut superfood

Sailors used to eat the superfood sauerkraut to prevent scurvy. Why? Because sauerkraut is loaded with vitamin C. And it is a huge source for probiotics. Why spend a fortune on probiotic supplements when you can just add some amazing sauerkraut to your salad or meat? It taste amazing, it opens the palate. To be honest, I love to eat it alone. You can also use pickles or kimchi. The world is truly your superfood oyster.

Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds superfood

I usually have a little bag of pumpkin seeds on me at all times. Why? If I get hungry, a handful of pumpkin seeds will fill me right up. Iron, fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc are just the starts of pumpkin seeds superfood profile. These are truly the snack of champions.

Benefits To Expanding Your Superfood Profile

So now you have a number of new superfoods you can add into your diet. By doing this, you expand your nutritional profile to cover a number of vitamins and minerals you would potentially have never received otherwise. Additionally, there is a lot of Omega 3 fatty acid solutions above that could really serve as a benefit to your health. you can also check out my top 10 superfood green drinks list and find a superfood shake that could really enhance your health. Just don’t blend the sardines in them, that might be gross.