Is All Day Energy Greens a scam? All Day Energy Greens is a greens-based, superfood product manufactured by Institute for Vibrant Living. All Day Energy Greens is one of the most popular superfood drink products in the marketplace, mainly  because it is an excellent product and because IVL markets the product very aggressively. Because of it’s popularity, people have asked if All Day Energy Greens is a scam. Just google it and you can see for yourself. Let’s investigate. All Day Energy Greens Scam

All Day Energy Greens Scam – Why people are saying this.

What is a scam anyway? The definition of a scam is a fraudulent scheme, a deception, a swindle. All Day Energy Greens is a very good greens-based, superfood drink. I’ve taken it myself. In fact, I did a comprehensive product review of it on this site. It is an all-natural product and uses natural sweeteners. It also happens to be a very good value at only $39.99 for an approximate 1-month supply.

So why are people calling it a scam? To be honest, I’m not sure. My theory is because of the claims it makes.

A Day’s Worth of Energy?

The name of the product implies that a single serving of All Day Energy Greens will provide a day’s worth of energy. This is a pretty steep claim. But what exactly is energy? Most people have the wrong idea about energy. It is a deadly misconception. Many people think energy is something gained externally. Drinking a cup of coffee. Drinking a 5 Hour Energy. Taking a diet pill. Energy is not gained by chemicals like caffeine or ephedrine. These merely spike the adrenal system… make the heart beat faster. Sure, you feel alert and feel like you have more energy. You don’t. And people that are addicted to things like diet pills that have ephedrine, think they’re doing themselves a favor by losing weight and experiencing high levels of energy. In fact, they are chemically suppressing the appetite and forcing the body to secrete adrenaline.

Real Energy is Created Internally

Adrenaline is for “fight or flight” responses… necessary for our survival. That’s why when someone pulls out and front of you and you slam on your breaks and narrowly evade a nasty car crash, your heart is beating like crazy and you are taking deep breaths. There is serious adrenaline coursing through your veins. You think you’re in the mood to eat when this happens? You think it’s healthy to have this “high” all day long? No wonder there’s a litany of wrongful death suits centered on ephedrine.

Keep the Cells Happy

Real energy is created on a cellular level. One of the primary functions of cells is to provide energy to the body. In order to get the most energy out of the cells we need to feed them. Not Starbucks. We need to feed them nutrient-dense foods. Like green, leafy, water-rich vegetables for example. Like the superfoods found in All Day Energy Greens. The reason why superfood drinks and juicing vegetables is so healthy is because of the phytonutrients. These chemicals give us REAL energy.

But Really A Whole Day’s Worth?

This is where All Day Energy Greens bites off more than it can chew. Each serving of ADEG is approximately 10 grams of total nutrition and 34 calories. As a supplement, this is a decent amount of nutrients. However, 10 grams and 34 calories is not going to provide anywhere close to a full days worth of energy. It just doesn’t work that way. Ingesting 10 grams of nutrient-dense foods is certainly beneficial and will help promote energy, but there’s just not enough to provide a full day’s worth. Click Here to see the nutrition facts for All Day Energy Greens.

Lose 51 Pounds in 2 Months

On the landing page for All Day Energy Greens it leads with a graphic of a fit-looking, fifty-something man and claims that “Michael” lost 51 pounds in 2 months from All Day Energy Greens. That’s almost a pound a day. Highly unlikely that Michael lost 51 pounds simply by taking a greens-superfood drink that is 10.6 grams and 34 calories per serving. However, with that being said, eating superfoods and taking superfood powder drinks is a superb weight-loss tool. They help curb the appetite while providing bounties of nutrition and energy to the body.

Is All Day Energy Greens A Scam?

Of course not. This is a very good product that contains superb nutrients and superfoods at a very competitive price. The company makes themselves a target for criticism because they make very aggressive claims. Quite frankly, this is unnecessary. The product stands tall on its’ own merits. But just because they go a little overboard on their marketing does not make All Day Energy Greens a scam.

Some other comparable products that are reviewed slightly higher than All Day Energy Greens on this site or Athletic Greens (best tasting green drink), Living Greens Supreme Food, Vitamineral Greens, and Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw. Read the reviews and decide which green drink is right for you.

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