Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood Review

Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood review

I can tell you where we are going (its a good drink); and where were aren’t going: My top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. This Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood review puts on display a legitimate, very healthy green superfood drink. Its affordable, extremely versatile, but just not potent enough to get an etching on my big list. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. I love the well-rounded nature of it.

I think where things go wrong in these reviews and I get a lot of blowback is from people feeling I shouldn’t be comparing budget green drinks against, say,  Garden of Life Perfect Raw Food because they aren’t the same. Well, of course, they aren’t the same, that’s the point. The price of a green superfood drink is most certainly a critical aspect of any review, but its less weight. In the end, this health, we are looking for the best darn drinks around.


Product Name: Activated Nutrients

Company Name: Daily Superfood


Owner(s): Jay Author (pictured left)

Product Description: green drink

Price: $19.95 (this was the current price on Amazon as of this review)

Check out there super fancy company video.


Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood is loaded with superfoods, fibers, some protein and even probiotics. Their label is extensive with all the ingredients listed. Below, I picked out a handful of some of the top superfoods and broke them down for you. To see every ingredient, click the image I have at the end of the nutritional panel which visually shows all the ingredients in full.


Fruits and Veggies

One of the most popular (and at times, controversial) superfoods in the modern world is Acai Berry. It can at times have its share of critics, but its judged unfairly by people who relate it to scammy marketing diets. The fact is, the acai berry is one of the healthiest superfoods in the world. Acai berry contains healthy fats, antioxidants, and fiber. I also believe that due to its commonly overpriced value, it’s a great deal to get it in a green superfood powder like Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood.

Taking Acerola Berry on a daily basis can contribute to cancer prevention and improved eye health. There are also studies which tout the acerola berry’s ability to help improve symptoms of diabetes. It can improve heart health while contributing to annual weight loss for those who take it consistently.

If you’ve ever been to Whole Foods, you know that a pack of powdered Goji Berry can run up your already expensive tab. Goji Berry is sort of a superfood delicacy, for lack of a better term. Its super nutrient dense and a wonderful source of antioxidants. It can also combat inflammation throughout the body. You really can’t get enough of this stuff.

Blueberries can help the human body’s digestive system remain healthy. The western world has a major issue with gut and digestive health, which can have adverse affects on brain health. Blueberries also help improve brain health. And don’t even get me started on how the antioxidants in blueberries can vastly improve the look and feel of your skin.

When it comes to green superfoods, there are none more superior than that of broccoli. Aside from the wealth of nutrient density, it also can help people stop bleeding due to its intense collagen inclusion. Broccoli is a known agent of good against cancer cell replication and it offers a healthy fiber that maintains digestive health. Considering how difficult many find eating broccoli, this is an outstanding superfood to get as a powder form.

Celery is loaded with healthy enzymes, as well as vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, and potassium. Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood includes celery seed as an ingredient in its overall blend.

Both Barley Grass and Alfalfa Grass aren’t just amazing sources of fiber, but they also offer an array of complex B vitamins and nutrients. Alfalfa Grass is taken by patients with rheumatoid arthritis to help manage their symptoms.

Green tea is not only a great source of antioxidants, but it also contains L-Theanine, an amino acid which can help lower anxiety and increase focus. L-Theanine will give you some of the most incredible concentration you’ve ever experienced.

By taking Chlorella, you get protein, magnesium, iron and amino acids. Additionally, chlorella is considered great for detoxification purposes.

Ginger root is a wonderful ingredient for helping to soothe digestive issues. It is also considered to be a natural appetite suppressor.

Mushrooms (with vitamin D) are not only a solid source of healthy fiber, but they also help supply you with vitamin D.

Activated Nutrients Daily Superfoods contains two herbs in Ginseng and Ginkgo that both powerful energy boosters. Both have been linked to improved concentration and weight loss.


Obviously, most fruits and vegetables are great sources of natural fibers. However, Daily Superfoods also adds both Chia Seeds and Flaxseeds that are not only healthy fiber sources, but also known for their high presence of omega 3 fatty acids. You will also find Inulin in the mix, which is known to help cure a sick stomach.


There are two probiotics, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Longum.

*Pea protein is the vegan protein source included.

Activated Nutrients daily superfood powder ingredients

Activated Nutrients daily superfood powder ingredients (ENLARGE)



If you like the taste of berries, you will like how Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood. You will still taste a soil aftertaste, but its a health drink, not a Kit Kat.


Ah, now on to the brass tacks of this green superfood drink. Yes, the package is small, but hey, good things come in small packages! That’s the honest truth when it comes to Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood. For two week 56 gram supply, you take a 4 gram serving per day. That comes to 1.40 per day for one month.



  • A wealth of diverse ingredients
  • Several healthy grasses
  • Contains protein and probiotics
  • Cost is good



  • Budget drinks are never competitive with big green drink makers
  • For a bit more, you get a much more robust experience with Total Living Drink Greens 


So, just because it isn’t in my top 10 superfood green drink reviews, Activated Daily Superfoods still shines as a budget drink. The 10 grams of potency is very liberal for the genre. I do love that you get so much versatility from it. And it gets a load of wonderful reviews.