Activa Naturals Greens Superfood Review

Activa Naturals Premium Greens Superfood Review


After reading this Activa Naturals Greens Superfood review, it will be obvious to you why I just couldn’t justify including it on my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. But I don’t want to confuse the matter all too much, this is a really good drink, so long as you are into saving money. And who isn’t? I literally put products into my shopping cart and just let them sit there hoping that the manufacturer emails me with a special deal. I’m all about cheap. But with cheap comes sacrifice. And in the case of this economically friendly buy, Activa Naturals Greens Superfood shorts you on nutrient density to help lower cost. That’s not bad business, this green drink actually offers the budget minded consumer a solid product.

You can’t compare this Activa Naturals Greens Superfood review to my review of Garden of Life Perfect Raw Food because the two just aren’t competing in the same space. Garden of Life’s version of a green drink cost more, but you get more. Ah, such a fine example of friendly capitalism. I love Activa Naturals Greens Superfood, its a great product for anyone who wants to add in some daily servings of health while also not breaking the bank.


jay author

Activa Naturals owner, Jay Author, and his well-groomed dog.

Product Name: Greens Superfoods

Company Name: Activa Naturals


Owner(s): Jay Author (pictured left)

Product Description: green drink

Price: $18.95 (this was the current price on Amazon as of this review)


Activa Naturals Greens Superfoods may be a budget experience in the green drink market, but it is rather loaded for what you pay. This green drink has fiber, probiotics and some standard greens and grasses. Its a higher-end serving size value for a budget drink and its inclusion of probiotics can really save you a lot of money down the road.


Foods Blend

This is Activa Naturals Greens Superfood Powder’s core green blend. This is the blend that the entire green powder experience is built around, and fortunately, it’s a good one. It starts off with a few amazing grasses in Barley, Alfalfa, and Wheat grasses. These are the healthiest grasses on the planet. Wheatgrass is a wonderful source of vitamin C and B-Complex, making it a formidable foe of colds and flu.  Barley Grass also comes in strong with the B-Complex, it is also great for beta-carotene (think your eyes) and zinc (think your immune system). Often used to help treat high cholesterol, alfalfa grass is a good source of vitamin K4, as well as many of the other vitamins found in the aforementioned two grasses.

Diving deeper, we find some spirulina in this superfood powder. Did you know that spirulina may actually offer more health benefits for your eyes than carrots? That’s because spirulina contains a heck of a lot more beta-carotene than a commonly found carrot. Spinach has a load of iron, but we all knew that. But what we may not always remember is that spinach is also a great source of copper, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, and folate. This list could go on and on, but I don’t think anyone with common sense needs to be sold on how vital spinach is. Not only is Chlorella a major detoxification ingredient (who doesn’t need to rid their old bodies of gross heavy metals) but it is also a great source of protein, magnesium, and iron.

Antioxidant Blend

Antioxidants are the freedom fighters of our bodies. They help to fight degenerative diseases, most popularly cancer. They are an essential addition to any health conscious person. When it comes to healthy skin and fighting the battles associated with aging, acai berry should be one of your top considerations. These berries are incredibly popular because they contain more antioxidants than any other berry. Maca is so underrated as a superfood that it’s almost astounding. When it comes to free-form fatty acid, maca is absolutely loaded. Linolenic, lauric and oleic are just the start.

Carrots are one of the best sources of beta-carotene that there are. This can help your vision age in a more healthy manner. Immunity is covered by a lot of other Activa Naturals Premium Greens Superfoods ingredients, including beets, which are loaded with vitamin C. Beets are also a fantastic source of potassium.

EFT Fiber Blend

Getting reasonable daily fiber can help prevent colon cancer, improve gut health, and help your brain health. Fiber is something that was often preached by mom and dad, but many of us failed to realize how vital it is to our health. Flaxseed is a huge win as a fiber ingredient because it also doubles as a source for omega 3 fatty acids. So you really do get the best of both worlds. Apple pectin fiber is the second fiber source, which not only helps lower cholesterol, but also helps detox heavy metals from your internal fat.

Active Naturals Greens Superfood also includes a probiotic blend. I truly believe that this is a huge uptick in value, probiotics are extremely costly.


The honest truth is, Activa Naturals Greens Superfood taste is really good. They do use some natural sweeteners and of course, the fruits and berries really help to boost the taste. Most other Activa Naturals Greens Superfood reviews do agree the taste is good. I doubt you have too many complaints about it.


Value is where this green drink really starts to shine. As with any budget drink, the value aspect is the driving factor for which you decide to buy or pass on.

You get 30 total serving per container, so a single month’s supply. Each serving equates to 8 total grams. Using the price I found on Amazon, which was $18.95 at the time of this article, that gives you 63 cents per serving. For the budget oriented, Activa Naturals Greens Superfood Powder is a pretty solid purchase. The 8 grams found in it elevates it to a higher-end budget offering. You still aren’t getting anywhere close to a top-shelf product, however, if you are restricted by your spend, Active Natural Greens Superfood Powder is a nice option to have.



  • Organic additive-free ingredients
  • Diverse healthy grasses
  • The owner has a super groomed dog
  • Loaded with B vitamins
  • Super affordable and you get a good serving size for what you pay



  • Budget drinks are never competitive with big green drink makers
  • When you look at Total Living Drink Greens  it’s just hard to justify not spending a little more.


Not the best drink out there and certainly not a candidate for my top 10 superfood green drink reviews but you’ll most definitely save money and get solid value in return. You have to take Activa Naturals Greens Superfood for what it is, a good green drink that saves you money. Green drinks can cost a lot, so there is definitely value in drinks such as this.