Abundant Greens Review

abundant greens review


Welcome to my long-awaited Abundant Greens review. This will be another big swing and a miss for inclusion on my top 10 superfood green drink reviews list. And while this does further signal my affinity for snobbery, it should be noted that Abundant Greens isn’t a green superfood powder drink that’s likely trying to be massively impressive. A weird thing to say, I surely realize, but that’s not all a bad thing. Not at all.

Abundant Greens is a simple and low-cost experience that’s found its nitch in the entry-level green drink market. Quoting former Arizona Cardinals’ head coach, Dennis Green, after a 2006 loss to an overhyped Chicago Bears team, “they are who we thought they were.” That’s who Abundant Greens is, exactly who we think they are.

This drink has no versatility in terms of ingredients. Is has seven ingredients all ground up into a severely fine powder which nearly doesn’t need mixing. There is no hype in this Abundant Greens review, only a modest supplement that you can add to some water and get some nutrients with. This isn’t a bad review, this just isn’t Garden of Life Perfect Raw Food. But so long as you don’t expect it to be, there shall be no broken hearts to speak of.


Abundant Naturals owners

Joe and Urzsula are extremely happy green drink owners.

Product Name: Abundant Greens Superfood Powder

Company Name: Abundant Naturals

Website: Abundantnaturals.com

Owner(s): Joe and Urszula.

Product Description: green drink

Price: $33,23 (this was the current price on Amazon as of this review)


Natrogix Green Superfood Powder is a two pony show. It has a green superfood blend and additionally, a probiotic blend. I truly value any green drink that includes probiotics because they work so fluidly with fibers and leafy greens. Additionally, everyone should be taking probiotics, so this does add to overall product value.

The main issue with this Natrogix Green Superfood Powder review is that the core green superfood blend is economically driven in terms of nutrient orchestration. In other words, the ingredients are good, but not there aren’t enough of them. However, the lower price is the reason for a thinner ingredient label. Natrogix is offering budget green drink buyers a nice option, but don’t expect them to give you the moon in return.


Green Superfood Blend

Abundant Greens is a full-on grass and green nutrient powerhouse, it just isn’t much else. But hey, getting daily greens is about the most powerful health infusion a human body can get, so this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Let’s look at the handful of grasses that Abundant Greens ingredients hang their hat on.

Organic Barley Grass is all kinds of healthy awesome. Loaded with fiber, proteins and an array of healthy B vitamins, taking down some daily barley grass, especially organic, is nothing but great. Barley grass isn’t exactly something the common person gets without supplementation, so this is a powerful attribute of Abundant Greens.

Another great grass is Organic Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is, of course, popular in fitness clubs and health shops, this is due to its extremely high mineral content. Essentially, every known mineral on earth is found in wheatgrass. Many people take wheatgrass as a healing juice.

One of my favorite grasses is alfalfa. Abundant Greens uses Alfalfa Leaf to provide immunity by loading you up with vitamin C and A. It also has vitamin K4 in it. Many people with rheumatoid arthritis and asthma claim that alfalfa acts as a cure. While it may sound impractical, the more you read about alfalfa the more you find that completely believable.

Look no further than Organic Spirulina as your daily serving of both K1 and K2. Phytonutrients such as carotenoids will also help your eye health. Spirulina has more beta-carotene than carrots and more iron than spinach.

To be honest, if you eat healthy, avoid smoking and alcohol, and you take a green superfood supplement powder, you should experience some detoxification effects. However, Abundant Greens includes Chlorella, which is considered a superior detoxer. Because Chlorella binds to heavy metals, it can help the human body remove them.

You might note that all of these ingredients are organic, which is a huge addition to the value of Abundant Greens.


Because Abundant Greens adds in some organic stevia, you get a little bit of sweetness to help cover up the taste of your front lawn. This is a finely ground green drink powder, make no mistake about it, you will taste the greens. However, if you couldn’t taste any greens, I’d recommend you avoid it. How can a green drink not taste of green ingredients if they are authentic? Abundant Greens is an authentic experience, so yes, you will taste it. You could add in some sweetener, natural or otherwise if it bothers you too much.


Remember, the value of Abundant Greens is based on shorting you in areas such as probiotics and intense fibers and berries. You pay less per serving, which may or may not be your ultimate goal.

Let’s work some math out and figure out what the value of Abundant Greens actually comes to be. You end up with 38 total servings in an Abundant Greens container. Every serving comes out to 6 grams. If you pay roughly $33 per container, you are paying roughly $1.12 per serving. You are likely to purchase this product using Amazon, and their price tends to fluctuate, as do the potential for associated delivery costs.



  • Great ingredients
  • Loaded with grasses
  • Super fine powder is easily mixed on the fly
  • Lots of B vitamins
  • Super affordable


  • No probiotics or berries
  • Outside of price, it isn’t competitive with big green drink labels like Total Living Drink Greens


For Abundant Greens Review, I will just say this is a great green drink option for those who are looking for an affordable option, but that alone can’t warrant placement in my top 10 superfood green drink reviews. This is a great drink, no doubt about it, and I love the family owned and organic sourced aspect to it. I also love how finely ground up the powder is, I’ve never seen a green drink that’s easier to mix up than Abundant Greens. This comes down to price and convenience. With Abundant Greens, there is no need to spend a ton and no need for a blender.