Broccoli Health BenefitsWe all have the one friend who absolutely loves eating raw broccoli. Sometimes that friend is over at your house and you offer them a little dark chocolate and mango but broccoli bro instead snobbishly says, “nah, got any raw broccoli and maybe some fresh lemon pepper?”

Thing is, you might end up throwing this bro right out of your house, if not for the fact that this bro really doesn’t exist. This bro is a figment of my imagination. How do you know what I am saying is now truth? Well, do you know anyone who loves eating raw broccoli? It’s kinda….not good. But guess what is good? Broccoli health benefits (in fact, they are insanely good).

No one can argue that broccoli is one of the most potent superfoods on earth: it has amazing health benefits, all of which will be discussed in-depth below. But many of us could also argue that eating raw broccoli feels a lot like a rusty nail puncturing our colon.

So, let’s figure out what makes broccoli so amazingly good for us and then, let’s figure out how the heck we are going to get more of it into our daily diets the easiest way possible (and I mean really easy). Sound good? I thought so. Let’s get started.

Fights Cancer

Cancer sucks. I think we can all agree. And the good news is that broccoli agrees with us as well. And brocolli even does something about it. Sulforaphane inside of broccoli has been shown to destroy cancer stem cells. This means broccoli has the ability to stop tumor growth. Additionally, a study from 2008 showed that broccoli interacts with GSTM1 genotype and interrupts signalling pathways associated with inflammation and carcinogenesis in the prostate. Yep, broccoli lowers the risk of prostate cancer like a boss!

Broccoli helps prevent arthritis

Recent studies have shown that sulforaphane (yep, we were just talking about this) blocks enemy enzymes which typically damage cartilage. This can help slow down the affects (or even prevent) osteoarthritis.

Broccoli contributes to improved eye health

As we age, our vision becomes more and more compromised. Eventually one day, our grandkids are driving us to Lenscrafters because we used salt in place of sugar in the oatmeal raisin cookies. But maybe if we ate more broccoli, we wouldn’t be in such a situation at all? Broccoli contains large quantities of carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin. This is basically fuel for the eyes. See what I’m saying? Ok, sorry, that was pretty lame on my part….

Broccoli is loaded with soluble fiber and chromium

This combination is a perfect storm for controlling blood sugar levels. Balanced blood sugar contributes to weight loss / weight management. The fiber in broccoli can also make you feel a lot more full, which will contribute to lowered caloric intake (which again can mean weight loss / weight management).

Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, which can help you fight off sickness

Vitamin C is essential to improving the strength of your immune system. Do you work in a cubicle next to someone who is always sick and sneezing? You need some broccoli protection detail. Let’s face it, your coworkers are mostly walking complaining bacteria who sneeze and cough all over everything in their path. Defeat them by increasing your broccoli intake.

Broccoli also increases your potassium intake like a champ

Potassium is an amazing electrolyte that many people don’t get enough of. You don’t have to eat bananas to get potassium, broccoli is a solid source for it. Potassium can help prevent strokes, lower anxiety and stress and makes sure to balance your body’s water flow. It is also great for blood pressure.

So wait, all these amazing benefits sound great, but what about that fact that broccoli, for some of us, is about as fun to eat as chewing anchovy flavored antacids? The solution is simple, my friends: Supplement.

Choosing supplements means choosing simplicity in your health. It means choosing taste alongside convenience. I supplement almost all of my superfoods via green superfood shakes. It makes life easier. Superfood drink powders allow people, like us, to get our optimal doses of things like broccoli without enduring the ingestion of a cruciferous stem.

Supplementing superfoods is how I stay younger looking and feeling healthier and more energetic. I like simplicity and that’s the very core of what supplementing entails.

Be simple. Be healthy. Supplement your way to improved health.