Healthy Benefits of ChlorellaChlorella is a single celled algae that only grows in freshwater bodies. It belongs to the family of phylum Chlorophyta and contains numerous green photosynthetic pigments that are referred to as chlorophyll. The high level of chlorophyll concentration acts like a heavy metal detoxifier in the blood. Read on to discover the 5 healthy benefits of chlorella…

This plant is mostly found in Taiwan and Japan. It is harvested and sold to other parts of the world like the United States. There are numerous health benefits of chlorella and is highly recommended for human consumption.

Chlorella is often referred to as a superfood because it contains many phytonutrients and chemicals that nourish the human body on a cellular level. These include amino acids, potassium, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, biotin, magnesium, phosphorus, B-complex vitamins, iron, DNA, RNA, peptides and nucleic acids.

Many products containing chlorella vary significantly depending on how the crop was harvested, cultivated or processed. In addition, the plant contains proteins, healthy fats and slow metabolizing complex carbohydrates.

Health Benefits of Chlorella

This single celled, blue-green algae has numerous health benefits and research suggests that it has an almost similar nutrient count as spirulina, but with less protein.

It benefits the body by immediately supporting a healthy and functional hormonal system, promoting cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, detoxifying the body as well as negating the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Detoxification of Heavy Metals

People are usually exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis. These instances include mercury, vaccination, regular consumption of fish, consuming food from China and exposure to radiation. Over time these metals accumulate in the blood and may cause many health concerns including environmental based cancer.

Once ingested, chlorella wraps itself around toxins including metals like lead, mercury, cadmium and uranium. This avoids their reabsorption allowing them to be passed out of the body through a process is called chelation.

Negates Effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy and radiation are the most commonly used treatment for cancer today. They usually take a toll on the body and causes serious effects including nausea, loss of hair and body weakness. Chlorophyll found in chlorella protects the body from ultraviolet radiation treatments. They also help in removing radioactive particles.


Boosting the Immune System

Chlorella boosts the body’s immune system when used regularly. It increases protein interferon in the body. Interferon activates immune cells (macrophages) that boost ability of white blood cells.

Rich Magnesium Content

Chlorella is rich in magnesium. This mineral is involved in over 300 bodily tasks. It maintains normal heart, nerve and muscle function. It also keeps the bones strong. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, supports normal blood pressure, protein synthesis and in the conversion of blood sugars into energy.

Helps to Fight Cancer

Chlorella helps to fight cancer by boosting the body’s immune system, removing toxins and heavy metals from the blood as well as enhancing T-cells that fight off new abnormal cells and other foreign bodies.

Side Effects of Chlorella

Allergic Reactions

It may cause allergic reactions for people with asthma and other breathing problems. It also causes allergic reactions to people with mold allergies. Additionally, those highly sensitive to iodine may also experience allergic reactions to chlorella since it contains iodine.

Though not common, in the first week of using chlorella, people may experience bouts of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, passing green stool, stomach cramping and gas. It also causes the skin to become sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, sunscreen should be used regularly especially for light skinned people.


Generally, pregnant and breast feeding women are advised not to use chlorella products. This is because there has been little research into this area as regards to its possible health effects.


People with autoimmune diseases (over-active immunity) are advised not to take chlorella as it tends to increase immunity. Those with lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatic arthritis and other conditions should not ingest or use this product.

Incorporating Chlorella into the Diet

Chlorella is processed into tablets, capsules, powder and liquid extracts. This amazing supplement can be taken in any of these forms as per the preference of the individual. Tablets are taken with water or juice.

Those who do not like swallowing pills may opt for liquid extracts or powder. Powder may be added to water, juice, smoothies or even green powder drinks like Athletic Greens and Total Living Drink Greens. It could also be sprinkled into yogurt, cereal and salads.

Since scientists discovered how to break down the walls of chlorella, allowing it to be absorbed by the body, its demand and use has greatly increased. It is a rich source of many nutrients, minerals, proteins, fats and starch. The health benefits of chlorella are numerous.[hr]